How to make a working WOTLK server

Things that u need :Wotlk alpha F&F updated with patch 8471(not gonna give link for that so use google)
MySql wich can be dled here: MySQL :: Select a Mirror
Navicat lite wich is found here: http://www.navicat.com/download.php?id=1
And of course the repack : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Maps Extractor(for those that have problems with the one in the repack): MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Hamachi to make server public : https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/list.asp
The enUS thing for those that cant understand how to edit it : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Ok and now we are getting started.

Step One: 1st of all install mysql and navicat.Its prefered u put both name and pass "Root" if u are new to this cuz then u wont need to modify the config files (cuz thats what they have as default).

Step Two : Extract the repack somewhere u find convenient.
Open the main folder and then open the one named "contrib",then the one named "maps extractor".Copy the ad.exe and then go to the folder where your wotlk alpha is instaled and paste it there.In there create a new folder named "maps" and then run the ad.exe . Let it finish.Now copy the folder maps(that now contains the maps of the game in it) into your repack folder.

Step Three : Back to the repack folder now.Go to the folder named "contrib" again and look for the one named "mpqe".Copy its contents and then go to your WOTLK folder,then data folder then enGB folder(or enUS) and paste them there.(in case u are enUS i got an explanation of what u need to do at the bottom of this).
Run the enGB.It will create a folder named DBC.Copy this folder into your repack folder.

Step Four : Ok back to our repack folder now.Once again open the folder named "contrib" then "DBT" then "custom". Those files in there are our database.Ok now that you have located them go to navicat make a new connection,name it mangos username and pass "root".Now we need to make 4 databases in that.Double click your new connection and then right click on it and select "new database".Name it "characters".Create 3 more databases and name them "mangos" , "realmd" and "scriptdev2"

Step Five : Ok dont wory we are almost done.Now right click the characters database and click on "execute batch file".Locate the database folder (the one i told u about some lines ago) and choose the characters database. Let it finish.

Do same thing for the rest of databases selecting the file that has the same name
with the database each time (like when in the characters database we executed the characters sql file).When u are done with this, go to your repack folder. Double
click on "mangosd" and "realmd" and let them finish.Now if everythin was done right,u have a WOTLK private server running on your pc.Now u only need to go to your WOTLK alpha folder locate your realmlist.wtf open it with notepad and replace everythin in there with "set realmlist" . Now u can run the wotlk and play

Ok now a fast way to make it public: Download hamachi from the link provided above.Install it.Open it press power on and then press "create new network".Name it put a pass and ur done.Now change your realmlist to your hamachi ip.Now open up navicat,go to the "realmd" database, open it and look for a table named realmlist.Open it and look for the box that has "" in it.Replace that with your hamachi ip.Now get your friends to DL hamachi and log into your network.Have them set their wow realmlist to your hamachi realmist and they can log into your server.Thats all (oh and dont forget to make accounts for them :P )

Like i said some lines above,about the MPQE thing,if u are enUS u only need to right click on the enGB file,press edit and wherever u see the word enGB replace it with enUS.So simple

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