22 March, 2009

World of Warcraft Exploit: Sell your runeforges

Alright, so I'm sure you all are well aware by now of the "twink" exploit of being able to enchant BoE pants with the level 80 WotLK Leg Armors, then break them, re-log, send them to your alt, re-log, and gg.

Well I was experimenting with some random stuff when I found a BoE green weapon in my bags so I decided to try it out with a runeforge, I chose Runeforge of the Fallen Crusader, did the whole trick, sent it to my pally and well, a picture is worth a thousand words...

For those of you who need a step-by-step recap on how this came to be:

  • 1- Find yourself a BoE (No it cannot be a BoP) weapon (Do NOT equip it)

  • 2- Enchant it with a runeforge of your choice (Yes it will become soulbound, we'll take care of that later)

  • 3- Take rez sickness 4 times, or do anything to make that weapon go to 0/x durability

  • 4- Re-log (This will remove the soulbound effect unless the weapon has been equipped)

  • 5- Send it to a character of your choice

  • 6- Receive the item (It should show the enchant and be 0/x durability)

  • 7- Repair it (The item will have no enchant on it)

  • 8- Re-log (This will "re-enchant" the item)

  • 9- Profit.

Runeforges cannot be done to a weapon with an iLvl of lower than 35.

For More World of Warcraft Exploits cheats, strategies and more, I recoment mmOverload

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