Thursday, June 4, 2009

World of Warcraft - Fishing exploit 2+chars needed 70+

A fishing exploit
  • 1. Fishing pole that requires zero skill to use.

  • 2. +100 lure

  • 3. Copper

  • 4. 1 Char that has 100+ Fishing

  • 5. Multiple chars level 70 +

First with your Main char with fishing above 100+ attach the lure to the zero skill fishing pole. Then go to a mail box and send that fishing pole to a char with 1 fishing and you can then use the pole to fish with the +100 lure with your alt char. How that helps with the daily well you can technically get the quest item you need at skill 1 but it is a RNG based on fishing skill and the more the skill the faster you get the item so just takes alot longer and this way you start out +100 fishing rather than +25 or so. You can also keep mailing your fishing poles back since they do not stick on chars and become BOP. This really just helped me for abt couple hours doing it after that pretty much all your chars would be above 100+ fishing so it does get you started easier but not something to for long run. + fishing daily gives nice epics you can get that sell quite well and + better chances with 1+ char

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