Friday, January 29, 2010

Make money with Titanium spike guards

Hey I know this is just another get mats-> make something -> ah = profit but i'm making a killing on it right now with little effort so I thought I would give some people the heads up on how I am making my money right now.

Everyone one is spamming heroics right now so the price on crusader orbs is getting really low. On my server i can grab 4 four for ~ 400g.

If you run a lot of heroics you can just spend 60 emblems of triumph to buy the 4x Crusaders orbs.

But a lot of people hit a plateau in item progression at heroics so they look to buy higher level items that they cant reach without raiding.

The ilevel 245 bracers from totc sell for around ~4k gold on my server and I can manage to sell 2-3 a day.

If you buy the mats the cost of getting a bracer is (sever dependent)
For Titanium spike guards (Titanium Spikeguards - Item - World of Warcraft)
8x Titan steel ~ 1k gold
1x elemental fire 20~30 gold
4x crusaders orb 400~600 gold or 60x triumph emblems
12x saronite bars ~25g

This adds up to around 2k on most servers while the bracers sell easily for 3k

So you can make a nice profit if you buy the mats off the ah and bug someone to craft them for you.

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