Monday, January 25, 2010

Scholomance instance farming

Scholomance is located on the Isle of Caer Darrow in between Western and Eastern Plaguelands. It requires a key to get access too and is more difficult to solo than Stratholme and should really be avoided unless you're after something specific in here or have a full group to run though. A full group makes it easier to run through otherwise even with a level 80 it can be slow. Definitely try to pickup a healer if you are coming here.

Level Range 58-60
Disenchanting Reagents from Items Illusion Dust, Eternal Essence, Large Brilliant

Cloth Type Dropped Runecloth
Number of Bosses 15.
Number of Rare Spawns 0.
Amount to Charge for Run Throughs 50g+
Estimated Time for Level 80 To Run
Through 60 minutes
Potential Gold Per Hour for Run Throughs
with Full Group 200g/hr
Treasure Chests? No
Rare BoE Drops? World Only
Skinnable Mobs? Some
Mines? No
Total Gold Per Hour Potential 300g+

Strategy to Make Gold
Most importantly here is to make sure you have a healer to make this a smooth run and you have people who want to pay you to come here, otherwise I don't recommend it. The advantage for you if you have the key is that not a lot of people who can do run throughs probably will. The Warlock Epic Mount quest, if anyone does it, requires them to come to Scholomance. It's pretty decent dungeon for items and experience for people in the level range. But the priority should be getting a full group, then get a disenchanter to give you the shards from blue gear and someone to loot the cloth for you to sell. This instance can take a long time compared to the rest and has less rewards than Stratholme, but it's an option if you are getting bored of Strat.

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wow strategy guide on January 26, 2010 at 7:45 AM said...

that was a nice piece of information, right now I'm rellying on dungeon from guides and too busy in gold capping.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer to farm Scholo over Strat. Not a bad moneymaker for the short time it takes to run it. I have an 80 Paladin with enchanting and skinning on her. Takes less than 20 minutes to run and i can make about 75g per run

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