Atramedes[Blackwing Descent] avoid Sonar Pulse completely

Even thou the encounter is easy by itself, this is a trick to make it even easier.

Sonar Pulse = moving sound circles on the ground

There are 2 ways you can exploit this:

1: Since the "Sonar Pulse" spawns at the tail of the dragon, you can simply tank the dragon with his tail in the wall and avoid the circles completely.

2: You can have the entire raid standing inside the "entrance" to avoid the moving sound as they will never leave the room. Like shown on this picture:

ven thou the encount

With this "tactic" you have all stand on the red dot, except a healer and a guy who will be using the shields to stop the Searing Flames.

Who ever gets the breath goes right, rest left. When air phase comes, you can move outside the room and stand on the STAIRS, there you wont get the sound from the air. Or you can all run inside the room and avoid it there.

Up to you.

This works on both normal and heroic mode.
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Bugged ore spawns, 4 nodes spawn as a group

I've been farming Uldum for the last 2 hours in 1 spot because I found that in 2 locations 4 nodes of ore spawn simultaneously. I dont have fraps, otherwise I'd take a video of it and post it on here while i camp the lodations.

  • 27, 37 area
  • 37, 9

Both of these spawns will either spawn 1 node of rich, or 4 regular node simultaneously. I like the 4 nodes because you're getting 2-4 a node, for 8-16 ore.

The spawn rate for the 4 nodes seems to be around 5 minutes, but I'm guessing it's dependant on other people farming different areas.
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15-20+ In less than 1 hour! [Hillsbrad Foothills]

Level 19-20 ghuls are spawning at that spot, 500 HP.

1-5 ghuls are spawning every 5 seconds, pretty nice to farm

Have fun before it gets hotfixed.
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Underneath Vash'jir, a perfect mining spot

First off, you go here on your map:

And then (Bad paint skills inc, but i used a touchpad :P) you should be here:

And you should go to the circled bit and hit Spacebar until you start to move sideways then stop, so you screen should be like this:

For the next bit you will need a castbar that show the delay for your latency.
While you are at the roof, cast a mount of bear or bigger:

and at the bit it shows you cast but have the latency delay, you hold in your spacebar so you will swim up through the cave before you can get dismounted as shown :

From here you can mount your see horse from which you swim forward from the pervious picture. and congratz, your now in vash'Jir!
From underneath here you can mine, and as a ranged you can gank opposite faction here!
While i was mining under vashjir i found something interesting... A hidden boat underneath Vash'jir, which is serving no purpous.

is the location of it Pics of the boat:

And here:


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Proc Victory Rush Pretty Much Whenever You Want

So other day when I was playing my Warrior that I haven't touched in months, I discovered Victory Rush acting very strangely.

It seems that a very high percent amount of the time when you click a dead mob (as opposed to one that is dying) it seems to cause Victory Rush to proc, regardless of whether you even ever did any dmg to said dead mob. Now this does not work all the time, but it does work often enough to consider this an exploit.

Short Version:

  1. Start fight with mob.
  2. Spam click his dead buddies until Victory Rush procs.
  3. Use it.
  4. Repeat Step 2

Also a mob that you have already used once to proc VR cannot be used again (or so it seems so far)
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Make yourself invisible easy, no one will see you!

1. Buy or craft 2 Potions of Illution

2. Stand next to a druid that has shapeshifted (works with Vial of the Sand transformation to) click your potion.

3. Now go to a random person without a shapeshift form, click your second potion of illution.

4. You are now invisible for 2 min, to everyone!

I've tested this on two diffrent chars and it works on both, no one reported they could see me. I also let my friend test it and sure enough it works for him to. Here is a pic of him invisible.

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Queue for a low level dungeon as an 85.

Alright. Me and some friends of mine were doing heroics back at 80, and we discovered a nifty trick. I was in Scarlet Monastery killing a few mobs for fun, and a queue popped. We did the heroic like normal, and everybody but us left the group. I teleported out of dungeon, and it placed me back in SM. However, all of the mobs were reset, so I decided to kill one. We invited a guild mate to our group, but they were already in a group, so WoW saw it as if it were a 'decline' to join the group. It then asked us if we would like to find more players for "Scarlet Monastery - Cathedral", and we accepted, thinking it was just a visual bug. However, once it paired us with our group members, we realized that they were, in fact, the appropriate level for SM.

Steps to reproduce this bug:

  1. Queue for a random dungeon/heroic. (WITH A FRIEND WHO IS ON YOUR SERVER)
  2. Finish the dungeon (or trick everyone except you and a friend into leaving).
  3. When you finish, make sure you and your friend both stay in the group.
  4. Teleport out, and make your way to the low level dungeon of your choice: Stockades, Deadmines (Deadmines and SFK MAY not work, due to them having a heroic difficulty. This can be bypassed by queuing for a normal, not a heroic), RFC, etc.
  5. Go into the portal, kill any mob, and zone back out.
  6. Invite someone to your group, but have them decline the invitation. This can be done by inviting someone who is already in a group, or inviting someone after you tell them to decline the incoming invitation
  7. A window should show up asking if you want to find more players for your group, press yes.
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Fun in Tol Barad

  1. Hope you get the daily quest Walk A Mile In Their Shoes
  2. Go get the prisoner
  3. Get aggro of the other humanoids standing there but dont kill em let the npc do the job
  4. Wait for the prisoner to respawn
  5. Talk to him again
  6. Repeat step 3 to 5
  7. Profit

this is how it looked like 5 minutes ago on my realm xD

...And now comes the tricky part ...

You have to maintain a steady "aggro flow" so they wont run away and finish of your quest... We were able to kite them araound for a little while but we noticed that they seeme to despawn like every 10 minutes.

They will kill anything that trys to attack you or what you attack, was hellova fun spamming hand on reckoning on random alliance guys xD

And YES you do get honorpoints if you kill alliance fellas with this method.
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This is why I play World of Warcraft.

Flying over Mulgore I spot this, decided to make something of it...

Combat rat is just too awesome, hunters should be able to tame it, surely will do nice dps
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Make money as goblin selling Portable Holes

Here is a new way to make some quick cash which will vary based on server and demand. In Shattrah there is a vendor called Haris Pilton which sells a 24 slot bag called Portable Hole for 3000g. As a goblin you can buy these for 2400g and resell them easily for 2800g.
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Dark Simulacrum electrocute on Al'Akir

Al'Akir casts this spell every time when a tank is outside his melee range, so it can be somewhat reliably copied by predicting when tanks have to move. In phase 2 of the encounter it is entirely reproduceable as every time theres a 4 tornado wall starting from melee range there will be an electrocute. Just cast DS when it's getting closer. It must be up before the cast starts.

The spell itself must be used from outside melee range or it will cancel, but you can move with it and even use abilities. It deals anywhere from 1 to 1.5+ million damage for a complete channel depending on the feedback debuffs on Al'akir, making the DPS requirements considerably easier.
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I always wondered what's inside the statue outside Booty Bay...

I Guess there's always money in the Goblin Statue...

Goblin Jesus is the end of the rainbow.

It all makes sense now.
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Deadmines HC Foe Reaper 5000 [Priest]

Found out a funny thing with levitate on Foe Reaper 5000 in DM hero as a priest.

If you cast levitate on your self or other casters and walk at the side of the ladder you will be really high up in the air, you won't be able to take any damage at all. Though it requires that priest cast it on everybody in the air every 2 minutes. So they don't fall down.

Pictures if you don't get it:

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[Alch/Enc] Cheap Maelstrom crystals

People with Alchemy/Enchanting rejoice! By disenchanting the alchemist stone you can get cheap Maelstrom Crystals.

Be sure to check before trying, in my realm reagents for the alchemist stone go for about 1000g and the crystals are 3000+g.

This is small tip but i hope it helps
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Season 9 Begins!

Well it's been a long time coming. The first season of Cataclysm Arena has begun! Also, for the first time ever, rated BGs have started.

Official Blizzard Quote:

The first PvP season of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is underway! Players are now able to compete in level-85 Rated Arenas for top gear, items, and titles -- and for the first time ever, they can enter level-85 Rated Battlegrounds to fight for the same rewards available through Arenas, along with the original World of Warcraft PvP titles. Players can also participate in unranked War Games, skirmishes that allow Battleground and Arena teams to hone their skills against opponents of their choosing -- even if they're in the same faction. So prepare yourselves, aspiring Grand Marshals and High Warlords, as the struggle between the Horde and the Alliance is about to get bloodier.

This means that Arena Junkies will be doing the annual access review and resetting access for players that don't have a previous gladiator title.

They have also added a new rated bg forum.

As of now, it's not certain how the Arena or Rated BG information is going to be displayed on the new So until they figure all of that out, their rankings and your arena information will probably not be up to date.

All that being said, start beating some heads.
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Opposite Faction AV Mount

Okay, with the new Wargames system, you can challenge people to play in battlegrounds, including AV. You can challenge your own faction and they will spawn on the opposite faction side.

This means Alliance will spawn friendly to the Horde NPCs in an AvA game.

Grunnda Wolfheart sells Horn of the Frostwolf Howler, which still has no race or faction requirement, aside from being able to speak to the vendor. Likewise, there is a corresponding Alliance NPC who sells the Alterac Battle Charger. Of course, if you're fighting a wargames AV match on the opposite side, the vendor will be friendly to you.

You need 10 people on each side for it to work. It needs to be two groups of the same faction; the challengers will stay the same faction while the people accepting the challenge will change.

It costs 2000 honor and that's it

Blizzard has overlooked adding race restrictions on these mounts for years and has kept the NPCs who sell these mounts in AV for years. This will probably get hotfixed fast once it catches on.
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Level 42-52 in minutes

The Eye of Naxxramas in Stratholme summons two Rockwing Gargoyles every time he is aggro'd. If you stand in a place where he evades, he continues to summon tons and tons of mobs. Shorty and I, after we had about 100 rounded up (which was very fast), had some absolutely terrible 85 mage who nearly died because he only cast arcane explosion, and had them melee attack him constantly. We got around 450 experience per kill with just him killing them, and that was about 45,000 experience (3 RAF quests) in just a few moments. It would be easy to go from 42-52 if a high level friend just popped in to AoE kill them once every couple minutes.

We were surprised how easy this was, everyone who wants to try it can surely see the great results.


We decided to take it to the extreme. Shorty is setting his farclip values below minimum, and going to stay in an evade spot with an anti-afk something over night. We'll come back and see if the battlegroup has gone down by then or if it will take an extra day or so (But we're already crashing people who try to load in).
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MASSIVE reputation farm in Stonecore

In the Dungeon Stonecore you will have nonelites fast dieing mobs spawning over and over again really really fast that yield 15 reputation each when killed wearing a rep tabard.

Heres a pic i marked with my uber paint-skillz ^^

The Mobs will keep spawning there and if you stand @ the spawning point and just keep spamming aoe you get like 1k+ reputation every 10-15 seconds
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Get rich with 5 mins a day selling Dust of Disappearance

It's simple, A LOT of people DO NOT KNOW that this item: Dust of Disappearance - is buyable at the Profession Master ! Well, each day I buy them about 11 golds per unit (20 = 220 golds) and sell them 39Golds !

Per day, I can sell about 10 stack of 20. like this :
  • 20*11 = 220 Golds.
  • 20*39 = 780 Golds.
  • 780 - 220 = 560 Golds profit with a 20 units stack !
I sell about 3-4, sometimes 10 per day, sometimes 20 !! Average is 5.

  • 5*560 = 2800 Golds profit doing... NOTHING ! (And this is PER DAY and with LOW SUCCESS)

Today I just sold 14 stacks of 20... 7840 golds
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[Warrior] Blink with charge

Macroing Tahret Dynasty Mallet removes the travel time for charge. This also works with heroic leap and intercept.

#showtooltip charge
/cast battle stance
/cast charge
/use Tahret Dynasty Mallet

For heroic leap use the hammer right after you leap it should cancel the travel time.
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Great XP + Tons of Silver & random drops in deepholm

1. Progress to this quest in deepholm: The Stone March Quest: The Stone March
2. Go to the questing location:

3. Farm all the mobs in this area and pass them by Boden the Imposing. He does AOE and will 1-2 shot most mobs.

The mobs that spawn are twilight soul reapers and defaced earth ragers. They give you FULL XP despite having NPC Help. They also have low health and die pretty quickly. They are on a VERY short spawn time. Not instant. But Very Very short. They also have a regular loot table, so you can put it on auto loot and get gold and items while you are grinding these mobs.

I was getting about 1 bar every 30 mins or around 1 Mil XP an hour + gold at level 84 On NON RESTED.

Still working after the last restart.
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Volatile Air/Fire farm Locations ~1.5k gold/hour [No Gathering]

With the surge of players hitting level 85 and everyone looking to level their professions, there is a huge market for Volatiles. I decided to pick the two most consistent/best priced/farmed for Elements so I chose Fire/Air for this guide. Whats great about farming these items now is they aren't combined as motes as before. AND the mobs I've listed will drop multiples (1-2 each).

(my server prices)
Volatile Air: 44-60g
Volatile Fire: 10-15g

Volatile Air
Volatile Air

The mob you will be killing is "Scion of Al'Akir"
Scion of Al'Akir

Screenshot of Area:
The mobs wander around this area. The mobs are very slow/kitable and do little to no damage, so they are very easy to chain pull/kill. The only downside to this spot is the distance between the mobs. Farming here as a hunter was very easy/fast with Aspect Cheetah/Fox.

**sorry didn't have timestamps enabled**
Screenshot of Droprate/Loot I recieved

Volatile Fire
Volatile Fire

I recommend keybinding your "Interact with Target" key as the Fire elementals are hard to click on. Also about 4 spots up there is a "Target last Target" key which will target whatever you just finished killing and can make looting much easier, although I only used the first key.

The mobs you will be killing:

Screenshot of Area:
They all wander around this area. They are higher level than the Air elementals so they hit harder and have more HP but still very easy to kill and chain pull. The mobs in this area have a much closer proximity so no running around.

Screenshot of Droprate/Loot recieved.

Final product:
Screenshot of loot after a little over 1 hour of farming.
After a little over an hour this is what I had.

  • Volatile Air: 1383.13g
  • Volatile Fire: 80g
  • Greens(disenchanted): 170g
  • Vendor Greys: 24.84g
  • Total Amount: 1657.84g
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Probably the most awesome fishing-spot for botters (uldum)

Well i know this is the "Elite-Exploits" section but i didnt want it to get overcrowded that fast on my realm so im posting it in here, if it bothers anyone feel free to report this thread so it can get moved.

"Why" im posting it in a elite section? well since only thing that can be seen of you is the bobber from time to time that is even then partially somehow covered or very well hidden, your fishing line wont be seen and since you are completely under water you wont be seen either, unless someone moves near you that has that lifebars thingy activated ^^

Here are the pictures showing the location in detail

Well you stand in the spot shown, and face with your char in the direction that is marked by the red arrows.

This spot aint perfect to "speed fish" since you will be getting some "cant fish messages" (like 3 out of 10 trys) but still i had around 900 bites in 45 minutes using MrFishit there.

In this spot you will fish up

Lavascale Catfish
Blackbelly Mudfish
Volatile Water

you seeme to be underwater standing there but you WONT drown there.
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Amazing Farming Location in Deepholm! I made 6k+ in 1 hour. Hurry, inevitable nerf!

This involves AOE packs with low health with full loot tables and they are usually hit with the nerf bat pretty quickly. They don't give full xp but they do give some.. I hope that is okay. If I have broken any rules please let me know and I will comply immediately.

In Deepholm I started working on these two quests:


Making Things Crystal Clear

Which put me in an area with groups of these two mob packs:

Jaspertip Swarmer

Stone Bat - Which can be skinned!

These mobs spawned as quickly as I could loot and skin them, LITERALLY!

But also, the trick to my success was this potion:

Potion of Treasure Finding

Which causes mobs to ocassionally drop:

Tiny Treasure Chest

They have a chance to drop roughly 1-3g, up to 15 embersilk, and up to 5 random Volatile elements.

I do not know if this area is phase shifted.. I know that part of the quest line requires you to become friendly with the large elemental rock creatures that walk around there, that's why I listed which quests I was working on.

So the totals for 1 hour of farming (based on MY server prices, low pop, my vary greatly):

Vendor Trash: 235g

Treasure Chests: 127g AND
8 Volatile Fire x 28 = 224g
2 Volatile Air x 71 = 142g
4 Volatile Earth x 40 = 160g
4 Volatile Water x 54 = 216g
3 Volatile Life x 14.8 = 44.4g

(between the chests and mob drops) 164 Embersilk x 11.8 = 1935.2g

(skinning the bats) 134 Savage Leather x 9 = 1206g

(skinnings the bats) 1 Pristine Hide x 300 = 300g

18 Toughened Flesh x 17 = 306g

The greens DE'd into
9 Greater Celestial Essence x 75 = 675g
1 Lesser Celestial Essence x 24 = 24g
9 Hypnotic Dust x 75 = 675g

Grand Total: 6269.6g

Experience Gained: 190k xp @ 83

Obviously prices will vary on your server but I'm sure you'll make lots of money as well!
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Tonight, my guild laid down the 5,000 Fish Feasts needed to get the Dinner Party achievement.

This was the combined effort of about a week and a half of fishing and assorted Auction House camping. We had a full 40-man raid filled with people laying fish feasts - there were 90 people online at the time, but I don't know how many of them were actively laying them down.

It was difficult to get all of the feasts in the shot - even with my settings maxed, I found that the feasts would fade out in large groups as I repositioned. I believe there's a hard cap on the number of feasts that can be displayed at any given time. We had around 5200 pre-made and ready and we dropped all of them in around 7 minutes.

These were all of the screens I was able to take, though many of my guildies took their own and our GM Fraps'd the whole thing.

For those of you doing the math, we're guessing that we threw anywhere between 40k and 50k down the drain if we were to sell the feasts instead. But hey, can you really put a price on e-peen?

Dispensing Machine: Hello. How can I help you?
The Cat: Fish!
Dispensing Machine: Today's fish is Trout a la creme, enjoy your meal.
The Cat: Fish!
Dispensing Machine: Today's fish is Trout a la creme, enjoy your meal.
The Cat: Fish!
Dispensing Machine: Today's fish is Trout a la creme, enjoy your meal.
The Cat: Fish!
Dispensing Machine: Today's fish is Trout a la creme, enjoy your meal.
The Cat: Fish!
Dispensing Machine: Today's fish is Trout a la creme, enjoy your meal.
The Cat: Fish!
Dispensing Machine: Today's fish is Trout a la creme, enjoy your meal.
The Cat: I will.
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