Very fast gold. 1000g+ in 10 mins

All rare spawns in Blasted Lands have a very high chance to drop [Flawless Draenethyst Sphere]. May drop imperfect sphere if you're very unlucky, but I didn't get any from 9 rares.

On my server these sell for ~200g quite fast. Already sold 15 of them for 150 - 250g each.

Doing one lap of Blasted Lands I found 9 rare spawns. Also since Cata, rare spawns in old areas had their respawn time dramatically decreased. After my initial lap I am still getting 1-2 each round.

It is also extremely easy to get here using the Blasted Lands portal. (Located beside mage trainers in main cities)

Either add these npcs to your NPCScan:

Akubar the Seer - 8398
Blackleaf - 45260
Cassia the Slitherqueen - 45258
Clack the Reaver - 8301
Deatheye - 8302
Dreadscorn - 8304
Grunter - 8303
Magronos the Unyielding - 8297
Mojo the Twisted - 8296
Mordak Nightbender - 45257
Narixxus the Doombringer - 45262
Ravage - 8300
Spiteflayer - 8299
Teremus the Devourer - 7846

or use the following macro:

/tar Narix
/tar Ravage
/tar Terem
/tar Clack
/tar Mordak
/tar Mojo
/tar Magro
/tar Grunt
/tar Dreads
/tar Deathe
/tar Cass
/tar Blackl
Here is a map.  Each point on the map does not represent a different rare spawn. Some I have put a couple points for because of patrols.


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