Might as well not even bother pvp'ing this week...

This is literally the worst achievement in the game. Not only does it force PvE people into PvP where they don't want to be and can hardly function, it actively encourages poor PvP play.

... and were it not for this being the very last thing I need for the "What a Long, Strange Trip its Been" Achievement, I wouldn't be anywhere near the BG's. Granted, I've done enough of them in the past that I have a clue what I should be doing (except EotS); still, there is actually a good reason for me to not play optimally.

On Sunday, my wife and I went for the "Assault a flag in AB" one. She got lucky and assaulted a flag during then opening rush. I spent most of the rest of the game defending flags. I only managed to eek it out at the end on a push to LM where I was the only one standing at the end. Assaulted the flag and promptly got gang raped by the Hordies who had just respawned.

The problem is, as the game was winding down, I was actively hoping for the horde to capture something, just so I could try and assault that flag. Since defending a flag doesn't count (I had done this several times already), I had an incentive to fight to defend something and then not click on the flag. Or, just let something be captured so that I could have a chance to assault it.

WSG sounds like its going to be a case of everyone sitting on defense trying to get the magic click. Fun on a bun right there.

Assuming AV still revolves around the zerg rush, I can just see that falling apart as everyone peels off to hit a towers.

Best advice I'd give to the hardcore PVP'ers: just sit back and let us cycle through. We'll get out of your way as quickly as possible and we can all go back to ignoring each other.

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