Scumbag Steve does WoW

Scumbag Steve tries his hand at WoW
Pretty sure this guy plays a destro lock. He kept on blaming the tank for not keeping aggro while he unloaded every he had and then blamed me for not healing him enough. So I told him to take of recount and put on omen and be a team player. He responded "bro I'm dps I'm doing my job learn how to fucking heal"

Scumbag Tank
SCUMBAG CC: Say you'll CC
Wait till mobs are on top of the tank, then get immediately broken.

Scumbag cyberfriends.
Happened to me back when I started playing halfway through BC. Transferred my like lvl 40ish toon (laziness to relevel and disposable income) to a server where some real life friends/coworkers played, and basically got the "since you're not 70 and can't raid/pvp with us you don't exist" treatment. The week I hit 70 and attuned for Kara they both quit.

Scumbag Mal'Ganis
Never trust something that bleeds out completely but never dies.
(hint: the Nathrezim)


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