Skinning 1 - 525 in a few hours

Since gray skins nowdays give skillups for whatever reason? I have no idea. Altough, why not use it while it works?

All classes and both factions should be able to do this. However a ranged class make the process faster. And being worgen makes the process alot faster.

And there is usually never anyone there, lowlevels pass by, but other players never really go there, so you don't have to bother for people taking your skins. Unless they read this post. (:

This is where the magic happens:

At the 3 marked spots, pigs will respawn. Clever eh? Jokes aside, most people might remember this spot, some don't.

The thing is, that when you kill all 3 pigs in these location, another one will spawn instantly at any of the 3 locations i marked out. Being stationary in a spot where you can target all 3 locations speeds up the process alot aswell.

Edit: I made a macro that helps out alot aswell if you are ranged and stand in a position where you can reach all spawnpoints, Just mash the button (macro) and you will have tons of corpses being ready for skinning.

#showtooltip YourSkill
/Target Stonetusk Boar
/Cast YourSkill

(Change "YourSkill" to any instant-attack that oneshots the target)

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