[Wargames]Arena at every Level + Unlimited Guild Rep grinding!

Not every one know the new, with cata added, feature "Wargames". There are more low lvl pvp Twinks using this feature to play 5v5 WSG than lvl 85 players who are supposed to use this as a 'training" for rated BG's or something. I've found a pretty nice way with what this feature become useful.

Now to the trick:

You can queue for the dalaran arena by using this command:

/wg opposing party leaders name dalaran

Change the orange into the opposing party leaders name and enjoy playing arena at any levels and against every player on your realm you want.

The only thing you need is 2,3 or 5 mates and another team.

The best thing that happens to low lvl twinking since cata.

And the good part for everyone:
If you manage to get 10 guild member and form 2 groups you can queue non stop and farm massive guild rep.

This will give 20rep @lvl 39 and 7-9rep @lvl 19. Sadly this won't give guild EXP, but for the rep part this is pretty nice for low and high lvl guilds.

Have fun in Arenas and farming guild rep

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