Elementium ore farming-Elementium Depths-Twilight Highlands. Roughly 300 ore a run

It isn't really much of a guide just a great place/route to farm elementium.

So before you start reading this is what I got from 3 runs into the cave and out.

I recommend this to be done on a character that can stealth / sap so mainly a rogue or feral druid.

I use Dugi Guide v4.7 and follow the 1 - 525 Mining guide route.
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Copy all the files into your addon folder.

So first I goto Twilight Highlands and follow the route given from the guide.

You can bring it up on your map here by doing this.

Then click where the red arrow is and it should come up on your map and an arrow should come up showing you the way to go.

A better way of doing this would be to download SexyMap from curse then right click on your mini map and make the scale bigger so you can see where the little yellow dots for the nodes are easier.

Also if you get gather buddy you can see where other nodes spawned and check the ones closest to the route. This also helped me a lot while farming around here.

So I'll get on with it.
I found the best thing to do was to follow the route given but a place it doesn't show on the route is a place where there are the most nodes at one time. Elementium Depths. I think this is a good place to farm because most bots/people cba to fight mobs while there farming but for a rogue all they need to do is stealth, sap, mine, stealth, move on. The first time I went there I had no idea what it was I was just flying over following the guide and then suddenly about 7 yellow dots all showed up at once so I was drawn to take a look.

Heres the entrance if you don't know where it is:

So I follow the main route and then take a little de-tour now and goto the cave.
Usually I've found theres around 10 - 15 nodes in there because the time it takes for me to go down the levels the ones at the top have respawned.
I also noticed that most of the nodes are Rich Elementium Nodes & most of the time I get Volatile (fire, earth) from them.
There's also a few pyrite nodes in there but not every time.

Heres a pic of the route I now use.

This is my first proper guide/advice thing so I might have missed stuff off I'll read over it and check but I think that this is everything 
Also anyone thats on Aszune - **** off. My route 

Edit : I love this place

3 nodes in a row 

Edit 2:
I went down the the next level and another 4

Walked along this floor and found another 4 more round the corner, 3 were rich.

Few more runs and I got
Sells for about 1k on my server.

What my map for Twilight Highlands now looks like with Gather buddy on.


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