This is what happens when you take away a pvp guilds arena.

For people who have no clue what I am talking about, there is a new quest line involving Thrall introduced in the Firelands patch. It's a series of events that takes you to four different areas representing the elements as you try to free portions of Thrall's soul, recently ripped apart by one of Malfurion's butt-hurt ex-pupils. It's a phased event, but anyone attempting to complete the quest line gets tossed into the same phase.

Shortly after the patch went live, a bunch of folks started running the quest line. On PVP servers, this means buku Horde and Alliance fighting to free Thrall's shattered soul side-by-side; hilarity ensues. The "air" portion takes you to a platform near Vortex Pinnacle, which is depicted in this screenshot.

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