How to roll through low level BG's during the Midsummer event.

I was getting the achievements on my main when I looked at the vendor and realized, you can buy the food buffs on a lvl 10 without them even scaling to your level. So I hopped on my bank alt who was a level 10 rogue, hit up a few of the bonfires and bought the haste/hit/dodge food. Surprisingly these super-buffs remain even after you queue and join a BG. My lvl 10 rogue was running around with 80% haste (.87s swings on daggers), 70% hit and 30% dodge. Unfortunately I was level 11 when I took this pic, so it nerfed the buff a bit.

Have fun running through BG's mowing down plate-wearers with white hits.

Tried this out on a mage to see the cast speed, here's the result. Keep in mind this nerfs at level 11.


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