Insane Pirate Spawn Stv

I just found this place in stv where bloodsail pirates spawn REALLY fast, been grinding rep and parrot pet here with a friend and it's sick.

This could easily be botted and used to lvl chars around 30 and it won't take long to get exalted with the cartel.

Here's the location:

On this subject, I've observed that there's a new mechanic in place to ensure that mob camps are never 'empty'. If there are fewer than x% mobs, then killing ONE of those mobs causes a different one to respawn. You'll notice sometimes even in large camps, that randomly a mob will respawn instantly after you kill it. That's just because there's going to be *an* instant re spawn every time, it just happened to be the mob you already killed. For very small camps, this means that a person can enjoy instant respawns just by repeatedly killing the all the mobs. That's what's going on here and in another area in wetlands where the camp is made up of very few total mobs.

However if you wanted to simulate this effect in a larger camp, all you'd need is enough players to cover each spawn point. You could make *any* camp instant respawns. Just throwing it out there.

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