Reselling Valor Points Boots

As you all know, all boots from Valor points vendor are BoE.

I can't assure you this will work on ALL servers, but you can't lose anything by checking out.

You can see a lot of people offering these boots on trade channel - usually MUCH cheaper then the price of them on AH.

So here is what you do!

1) Buy cheap Valor Boots from someone on trade (WTB Valor Point Boots! /w for info!)
2) Now don't put them on AH right away, it is better to do on your alt, bank char, etc.,
some people might find out you are reselling the boots like this and that won't be nice for your reputation.
3) For example on my server Valor Boots' price has been ~3k last few weeks, but I was able to get them for 1.5k even.
4) Put them on AH for 5-8k, yes, they sell!
5) A few thousand gold profit is yours!

Of course you need to know your server's economy a little. I assume this works the best on high populated realms.

I make 5k+ a day just from buying cheapo boots from nabs who don't know they sell for 3 times more on AH.

Hope this is helpful for someone

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