Using Deathwing's Fire to Grind

So I was flying around Uldum when the sky turned red and Deathwing filled the entire zone with fire. Now I was minding my business doing some quests to DE greens when I noticed that some adds were instantly spawning in his fire, taking a tick, and then dying a second or two later. I thought it would be fun to try and tag the mobs and sure enough, I was able to.

For as long as the fire existed I was tagging instantly spawning mobs that died right away from Deathwing's fire. Although it is situational and unpredictable where and when Deathwing shows up, it can be taken advantage of by low levels for grinding, as well as anyone looking for free loot. I got several greens to DE, BoE blues, and a few gold. Not something that's gamebreaking, but I felt it might be useful to post.


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