Solo lord Rhyolith to 25%

Seems if you get him past 25% he bugs out and becomes untargetable. Going to test couple of things on him but don't waste your time now trying to get him to 1k hp and get the kill he still bugs. And made a lot of people waste their time on it sorry for that. But from a lot of reports he keeps on staying that way untill i find a way to get the loot from him or have anyone report a kill with loot it's not possible so far to loot him if you get him past 25%

If you dps this boss with mage/warlock pet caster he will not get into battle tried with other pets like treants etc. They can get all close to him without getting aggro but once they get a melee hit on him then the encounter starts. And it seems long encounter if you have to solo it but at moment i put up a mage overnight to get him down as much as possible and using this in my macro.

/cast summon water elemental
/cast petattack

And on a mac gaming and using the build in script editor this is what i use:

repeat 1000000 times
tell application "System Events"
tell application "World of Warcraft" to activate
key code 2
key code 4
key code 6
end tell
delay (random number from 10 to 10)
end repeat

Key Code 6 means keystroke Z
Key Code 4 means keystroke H
Key Code 2 means that the character will press right every 10seconds so you don't go afk

and delay(random number 10 of 10) means the script editor will press every 10seconds keystroke z,h and right and i got keystroke keybinded on my castbar and put the macro on it.

Put Keystroke Z,H on your castbar and put mirror images and macro on it so he keeps on pressing it every 10sec

So every 10seconds he presses the macro so i don't have to stay behind the computer.It keeps on summoning a new water when available and the water elemental attacks my target i am targetting. New video is up now. And why i am summoning everytime a new water elemental is because he runs after a while oom and this way i can go to sleep and see how far he got the next day. Doing it solo will take round 8/9 hours good thing is you don't have to stay behind your computer and i am using my alts for it multiboxing few chars there afk incase some leather/mail/plate gear drops.

On the video you don't see the actual kill as when we went to attack him i frooze as i had more then 1 char online on 1 computer and the other guys and the boss got bugged as we attacked him when he had 100k. Next video will have the kill as i am going to get him down to round 2/3k to oneshot it.

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