What random acts of kindness have you done/seen in WoW?

I've seen many trolls on WoW (i.e. on my server yesterday, which crashed it entirely...) and the like, so I was wondering what sorts of feel-good things have you done or seen while playing?

I'll start: Way back when I was leveling my undead mage, I was running through Arathi Highlands when I spotted a gnome running through it. He was obviously too low level to be there in the first place (he was level ~12), and was aggroing everything in the area.

I felt kind of bad for the guy, so I ran up next to him and killed a vulture that was following him. He stared at me, obviously expecting me to kill him, but once he figured I was going to help him, he continued on his way.

Well, so it didn't turn out that great in the end, since at one point I misclicked and Frost Nova'd, freezing the gnome in place too. I forgot my frost nova does damage, and it ended up killing him. He ressed away from me and ran away.

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