This goes by how each class's personality usually is. Some random dps cant get his shit together, the paladin offers a useless comment rather than something worthwhile, the warrior wants to get shit done, and one of the healers always gets to the raid then goes afk:

RL: "Ok, let's do a ready check... everyone flask up."
(Everyone flasks)
RL: "...where's the rogue?"
Rogue (in SW): "Sorry guys, where are we going again?"
(RL: FFS...) "BWD, rogue."
Rogue: "Can someone summon me?"
Warrior: "Can someone join me outside to summon the rogue?"
Hunter: "If drops its mine ok?"
Warrior: "Can someone join me outside to summon the rogue? I'm right by the stone, guys."
Rogue: "I'm lost. BWD is in Uldum, right?"
RL: "Priest, go out and help warrior summon."
Priest: "Where is he? I can't see him on the map."
RL: "He's outside by the meeting stone."
Priest: "kk sec, brb bio."
(RL: Oh ffs...)
Warrior: "Guys? Anyone?"
Hunter: "Come on lets start"
Mage: "Hunter, why do you have 1 point in instead of filling out ?"
Hunter: "lolwut?"
Paladin: "COM ON GUYZ"
Rogue: "Ok! Back in Stormwind. How do I get to BoT?"
Warrior: "FFS guys, I just need ONE person to help me!"
Warlock: "Is anyone going to help me with this summoning portal or what?"
Shaman: "Ok, I need a new flask. Mine's run out..."

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