Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Needlerock Rider Exp trick

Ok. So I discovered this totally by accident and it involves the Needlerock Rider mob in Deepholm. This is a trogg riding a basilisk. I also think it's a phased area so you may or may not have access to these mobs. The mob in the picture provided is located at 24,60.

If you aggro the mob, the trogg dismounts the basilisk and combat ensues. However, if you're on a flying mount you can repeatedly aggro and exit combat spawning huge numbers of these basilisks. As I'm level 85 and couldn't find anyone willing to test this within the zone or my guild, the only thing that makes me believe this will work is that when I kill the basilisks, they proc victory rush. And since the target of my kill has to either yield honor or exp for victory rush to proc, I can only assume they do give exp.

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