Zul'gurub instant respawns NPC's , high drop epics

]In zul'gurub if u have a stealth char u can go to a spot and kill neutrals npcs with a average epic drop, i run for an hour with a friend and get 5 epics, u can solo also.

For going to that zone u have to:

1º Go left at the entrance and follow the road:

2º Enter this house and up the spiral staircase:

3º While following staircase u kill npcs, and up in the plataform they will respawn instant.
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Quick gold with winterspring cub

In 4.1 they added a new npc in everlook that sells winterspring cub. i was able to sell 2 so far for 2k gold each and they only cost 50g. id try and flip a few of these fast before other people catch on. The npc is in the back of the inn in everlook.

link to the pet:
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Every time

Worst ones are from expansion to expansion. Well at least I remember from Vanilla -> TBC. IIRC I went 2-3 weeks with no addons just to avoid as many headaches as possible.

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Queue for Low Level Dungeons at 85

This one is relatively useless, but is more for humor. Although you can use it to boost a low level friend

How it works is relatively simple:

  1. Have at least two people in your group and make sure you're in the dungeon finder, such as after doing your daily heroic.
  2. Have your group leader zone into any low level dungeon.
  3. Once there, have someone that's not the leader leave the group. This will prompt your character to be in queue.
  4. Clear out an old world dungeon for some newbies

Here's a screenshot:

If you look closely, you can see my Twilight Vanquisher title. As well as somebody on another server getting the achievement. And the first guy was actually a guildy who didn't have RFC at level 85

Here's a screenshot of the queue at 85:

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Colour Association in Game

Colour association plays a big part in our lives and is in fact a naturally occurring thing. Wasps are coloured yellow & black because they signify danger to other creatures; hoverflies copied this as a defensive mechanism.

If we see a small black & yellow thing we can assume it's gonna hurt us, it's a natural assumption we've learned - and it's just by the colours on it.

How is this already being used in my game play?
Well, if I say paladin you think pink. This is just one example of colour association and a trained bias in your perception - this is done through the repeated association of paladins and the colour pink (as it is their class colour). Little do most know, this can be used to our advantage very effectively in the right circumstance.

How do I use this exactly?
First of all, it's important to know some of the pre-ordained bias' you'll probably have from playing World of Warcraft, such as health being green, priests being white etc. etc.; most of these are fairly common. But we can push this to even better standards.

Tip #1:
Avoid certain colours; avoiding 'frequent flyer' colours such as green symbols will help you associate certain parts of your UI without you actually needing to acknowledge them fully.

Green is always associated with health - whether you like it or not if I say green it's not 'plague strike' or another ability that pops to mind - it's health. So finding a suitable colour that is independent from other UI features will allow you to manage all of your cooldowns without so much as looking at your bars.

With enough training you'll be able to see the vague colours of your UI bars through your 'extended vision' and just know what cooldowns you have available. This all links in with my last thread about UI placement with eye focusing & brain sides.

Tip #2:
Avoid using colours that blend or clash with the environment; I seriously recommend using girly pastel colours. It's all good associating your hits with the colour red, only to find the fiery background obscures your vision. Use colours that do not match the UI or general screen colour.

Tip #3:
Keep associations constant; make macros if you have to, and keep the colours consistent. Changing them undoes a lot of the training you've put your brain through to get there!
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The Psychology behind your UI

First off, this is going to sound absolutely insane; I discovered this from my studies & personal experiences with performance in dungeons/raids. I play a holy paladin, and use the standard Blizzard grid - I moved server and changed my race. I assumed that was what affected my healing - I was wrong. It was my UI entirely, and I discovered some psychology behind it.

What was wrong?
I was using the wrong side of my brain to play. Seriously.

What does UI have to do with this?
The positioning of my grid was changed - so that my right eye was dominantly seeing the grid I was using. This was a mistake. I'll go into more depth in a moment; the jist of it is, the very positioning of your UI in association with your hands & eyes is INCREDIBLY important. More so than people would give credit for!

Each side of your brain has trained functions, and you too can train them with proper knowledge and layout to make you a better gamer.

What the **** are you talking about?
A psychologist named Sperry proposed that people have 'two half brains'. This is because, and I'm sure you've seen it before, there's a divide down the middle of the brain.

These two sides are connected together, but act fairly independently. But we know from this and a few other experiments, that certain functions are in certain parts of the brain.
Think of it as two computers connected by an ethernet cable - it's not as fast when you're loading information, but it still works nonetheless!

The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, while the right side of your brain controls the left. This may seem unimportant, but it is.
Please note that the follow may be reversed for left handed people, I'm not sure on that one.

An example of this is writing - while of course your motor skills are different in each hand, the ability to write will be stored in the left hand side of your brain (provided you're right handed).

A few things the left side controls:

  • Complicated words
  • Advanced mathematics
  • Systemization

A few things the right side controls:

  • Emotion
  • Simple language

It is now important to take a few small tests to improve your UI.

Clench your hands together, interlocking your fingers. One thumb placed over the other.
The thumb on top means the OPPOSITE side is your dominant side. If your right thumb is on top, you're a left brained thinker!

Now put one hand out at arms length in front of you, roughly central to your face. Cover up each eye and notice which keeps the image the most steady. This is your dominant eye.
You've filled my head with these pointless facts, but what does this mean?
If you're dominantly right eyed, and left brained, then you want to put the vast majority of your UI where your right eye will focus on them. This will relay the information to the left hand side of your brain, where the advanced computing is done and then control your right hand (your mouse hand).

If you find yourself playing more with your keyboard you'd want to lay it out vice versa, ensuring the right side of your brain retrieves information and the left side of your body outputs faster.

The ideal:
You want to place your UI elements effectively on your screen, so you get an effect like this:

Rather than the extra step like you see here:

If there's one thing you take away from this...
Train your brain in a similar way when playing WoW or any other game with a custom interface - it'll help you build your gaming skills up with ease. Don't suddenly swap your UI drastically because it looks shiny!

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Oneshot everything in 65-69 bracket.

Requires : 450 engineering, and a random person level 80+ with 450 or higher engineering aswell.

Basically, get them to craft High-Powered Bolt Gun - Item - World of Warcraft for you, have some Handful of Obsidium Bolts laying in your bags, and you're ready to oneshot everything. The damage isnt shared before 10+ targets, and can crit up to 15k. Yes, that means you can oneshot an entire group of people standing close together.
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Undercity exploration opportunity

Just something strange I discovered in Undercity. These are golden nuggets for exploration!
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Very fast gold. 1000g+ in 10 mins

All rare spawns in Blasted Lands have a very high chance to drop [Flawless Draenethyst Sphere]. May drop imperfect sphere if you're very unlucky, but I didn't get any from 9 rares.

On my server these sell for ~200g quite fast. Already sold 15 of them for 150 - 250g each.

Doing one lap of Blasted Lands I found 9 rare spawns. Also since Cata, rare spawns in old areas had their respawn time dramatically decreased. After my initial lap I am still getting 1-2 each round.

It is also extremely easy to get here using the Blasted Lands portal. (Located beside mage trainers in main cities)

Either add these npcs to your NPCScan:

Akubar the Seer - 8398
Blackleaf - 45260
Cassia the Slitherqueen - 45258
Clack the Reaver - 8301
Deatheye - 8302
Dreadscorn - 8304
Grunter - 8303
Magronos the Unyielding - 8297
Mojo the Twisted - 8296
Mordak Nightbender - 45257
Narixxus the Doombringer - 45262
Ravage - 8300
Spiteflayer - 8299
Teremus the Devourer - 7846

or use the following macro:

/tar Narix
/tar Ravage
/tar Terem
/tar Clack
/tar Mordak
/tar Mojo
/tar Magro
/tar Grunt
/tar Dreads
/tar Deathe
/tar Cass
/tar Blackl
Here is a map.  Each point on the map does not represent a different rare spawn. Some I have put a couple points for because of patrols.

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Please tell me you've done this too.

When I first started, I had the idea of role-playing a human and a tauren who were secret penfriends. I was a little miffed when I found out they couldn't send mail to each other...

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Best way to troll with "Have group will travel" perk before a raid

I am not responsible for any G-Kicks because of this!

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Best professions for each class/buffs.

Okay, I have decide to make little guide for Catalysm professions, because tons of people ask "what's the best profession" etc.


Alchemy: Mixology - You receive an increased effect and duration when you drink any elixir or flask you are able to make. (+80 bonus, ex.: 300 agi flask gives now 380 agi)
Blacksmithing: Two additional sockets, to hands and to bracers. 
Enchanting: 2x +40 ring enchant to agi/int/str and 60 to stamina
Engineering: Fun profession, give variety of tinker enchants which stacks with normal enchants. Nature damage on use on gloves, 480 int/agi/str on use on gloves, shield on belt, and many more. Also have head with engineering only sockets.
Inscription: Shoulder enchants with +80 better stats than the ones for rep + you don't have to farm rep.
Jewelcrafting: + 81 more stats from 3 sockets compared to normal ones. Stamina is 123 more compared to normal ones.
Leatherworking: 130 agi/int/str or 195 stamina to bracers.
Tailoring: enchant on proc on cloak, 580 agi/int/spirit or 1000 ap
Skinning: Master of Anatomy - 80 Crit
Mining: 120 stamina.
Herbalism: Lifeblood - 480 Haste for 20 sec on a 2 min cooldown works out to 80 Haste.


Paladin: Alchemy/Enchanting - all specs.
Priest: Healing: Alchemy/Enchanting both specs.
Rogue: Leatherworking/Jewelcrafting.
Shaman:Leatherworking/Alchemy both specs.
Warlock: Alchemy/Enchanting.
Warrior: Alchemy/Jewelcrafting both specs.
Druid: Leatherworking/Jewelcrafting all specs.
Hunter: Leatherworking/Jewelcrafting.
Mage: Alchemy/Enchanting.
Death knight: Alchemy/Jewelcrafting both specs.
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Hunter pets WAY OP

The same trick as the Overpowered felgaurd trick, except with a hunter you can FD to reset so in a matter of minutes you can have your pet up to almost 2000%, in 3 minutes my terropene is 1300% so as you can see its simple,:

1. Go to heroic MGT
2. get to the second boss Vexallus
3. send pet in, when he spawns pure energy kill it w/ pet
4. do this several times untill your pet has 8 stacks, he will be at about 20% i believe
5. Feign Death
6. Rinse & repeat
7. Be careful not to kill him because your pet starts pwning haha im not sure if he resets after you kill him so yeah dont do it
(crap speaking of which after you kill him your pet loses stacks so really dont do it)
You can also do this with multiple pets =)
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more GM jokes

Must be bath night at Blizzard.

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Hillsbrad foothills gold! mining + herb

Done with an 85 druid in 30 mins following the route shown, prices depend on server. ONLY USED 150% mount speed. requires 75 herb/mine min. tons of nodes to gather mostly see 4 at a time on the map, obviously more profit with faster mount

picture explains it all:

I realized I missed out the gems in my bags however these can also add a fair bit to the gold per hour
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Change your gender with savory deviate delight

You need:

  • Potion of Illusion
  • Deviate delight

At first drink your Potion of Illusion, make sure you stand right IN the person you want to change your gender to.

(Like if youre male, female human or other race, doenst matter - and female chars take male chars for the illusion)

When youre done just eat the deviate delight, and you will now be a rogue/pirate of your preferred gender for 60 minutes, you can refresh the buff aslong as you want, but it will disappear if you die.

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Arena Comp List

This is going to be a list of almost every comp that each class can play that is at least remotely viable. It's also going to contain the common name given to each comp. I'll try to list them top to bottom based on the strength and popularity of each classes comps.

Hopefully this list helps out some of you who might not know what comps they could possibly be running, or for those of you who might now know what each comp is called.

I'll also list the max rating of each comp to maybe give a better idea on how strong it is. Also note that the max rating of each comp is not 100% accurate due to certain teams multi-comping. Thanks to Nerdstompers.


Mage/Feral/DiscPriest - Max rating=2861
I have recently started playing this comp and I have to say this is by far one of the best comps you can run as a mage. It has VERY strong burst, survivability, and CC. Two basic strats are to either CC the other teams healer infinitely, or to train the healer to the ground.

Mage/Priest/Rogue - RMP - Max rating=2918
Still a very strong comp. Has been strong almost every season to date. Very good control and bursty comp. Very fun to play.

Mage/Spriest/Rdruid - Shatreeplay - Max rating=3010
Probably one of the best wizard cleave comps that a mage can play. This comp brings double dispels, along with insane burst damage and control. Might not be as good next patch because priests are losing dispel.

Mage/Lock/Shammy - MLS - Max rating=2805
Although not as overpowered as it used to be, still very strong. Next patch expect to see this comp be a tier 1 comp.

Mage/Lock/Druid - MLD - Max rating=2932
Not quite as good as it used to be, but still very strong if played correctly. All 3 team members have to coordinate lots of CC to land a kill.

Mage/DK/Priest - Max rating=2702
Not sure how strong this comp is but it's definitely pretty solid.

Mage/Warrior/Paladin - Max rating 2728
Fairly strong comp with good burst potential. One of the more fun comps to run as a mage.

Other comps:

Mage/Rogue/Druid - RMD - Max rating=2608
Mage/Warrior/Druid - Max rating=2747
Mage/Rogue/Shammy - RMS - Max rating=2341
Mage/Warrior/Priest - Max rating=2646
Mage/Spriest/Rshammy - Shatterplay- Max rating=2702


Moonkin/Lock/Shammy - LSD - Max rating=2906
Probably THE strongest comp you can play as a druid, although you have to play it moonkin so this might not be the comp for everyone. This comp has massive pressure due to the fact that you and your warlock both just DoT up the entire team and do massive damage.

Feral/Mage/Priest - Max rating=2861
It has VERY strong burst, survivability, and CC. Two basic strats are to either CC the other teams healer infinitely, or to train the healer to the ground.

Druid/Mage/Spriest - Shatreeplay - Max rating=3010
Another very strong comp. This comp brings double dispels, along with insane burst damage and control. Next patch it probably won't be as good because priest are losing dispel.

Druid/Spriest/DK - Unholyplay - Max rating=3050
Although this comp isn't as strong as it was early season, it is still a pretty solid comp capable of bursting or outlasting. This comp has a ton of CC and constant pressure. Requires decent coordination.

Druid/DK/Lock - Shadowcleave - Max rating=2820
This comp was also much stronger at the start of the season than it is now. Still a decent comp, but melee cleaves can give it a bit of trouble.

Druid/Mage/Lock - MLD- Max rating=2932
Pretty solid comp as long as you and you're team have good coordination. This comp should get much stronger next patch.

Druid/Spriest/Rogue - Max rating=3050
In the right hands this comp can be very strong but it's not one of those comps that anyone can play and succeed at.

Other comps:

Druid/Mage/Warrior - Max rating=2747
Druid/Mage/Rogue - RMD - Max rating=2608
Druid/Mage/DK - Max rating=2694
Druid/Lock/Warrior - WLD - Max rating=2751
Feral/Warrior/Healer - Kittycleave - Max rating=2767

Death Knight

DK/Spriest/Druid - Unholyplay - Max rating=3050
Although this comp isn't as strong as it was early season, it is still a pretty solid comp capable of bursting or outlasting. This comp has a ton of CC and constant pressure. Requires decent coordination. Fun to play as a DK because you get tons of dispels 

DK/Warrior/Pally - TSG - Max rating=2724
Fairly strong comp for a DK to run. You basically have a limited time to zerg someone down with your cooldowns.

DK/Warlock/Healer - Shadowcleave - Max rating=2780
This comp was much stronger early season but since then has got a bit weaker due to the fact that warrior teams can give you trouble. This comp might be much stronger next patch due to warlock buffs and warrior nerfs.

DK/Ret/Healer - Max rating=3053
Pretty strong comp with insane burst, durability, and CC. Can potentially global someone. Pretty good comp at zerging down healers.

DK/Hunter/Pally - PHD - Max rating=2756
A very pressure-based comp. Once you start going defensive you have probably lost.

Other comps:

DK/Hunter/Druid - TreeHD - Max rating=2716
DK/Warrior/Druid - TreeSG - Max rating=2652
DK/Mage/Priest - Max rating=2718
DK/EnhanceSham/Druid - Max rating=2743


Warlock/Warrior/Shammy - WLS - Max rating=2959
Very strong comp. Does insane damage and seems like it has a very fun playstyle. You can swap around a lot to create more pressure. Warriors and locks have good synergy.

Warlock/Moonkin/Shammy - LSD - Max rating=2906
Probably one of the strongest comp you can play as a lock. This comp has massive pressure due to the fact that warlocks and moonkins can create a ton of aoe damage by DoT'ing up the entire enemy team.

Warlock/Rogue/Shammy - RLS - Max rating=2910
Has been a very strong and solid comp since the start of the season. All 3 classes on this team have great synergy. You can play this comp many different ways and all are very effective.

Warlock/Spriest/Shammy - Shadowplay - Max rating=3015
Pretty strong comp and I don't think it's really too hard to play. The warlock and priest can create massive amounts of pressure with ease and force the other team to have to play defensive. Also has double dispels so obviously that's a really good bonus!

Warlock/Mage/Shammy - MLS - Max rating=2805
Although not as overpowered as it used to be, still very strong. Next patch expect to see this comp be a tier 1 comp. Very control/bursty based comp.

Warlock/Mage/Druid - MLD- Max rating=2932
Pretty solid comp as long as you and you're team have good coordination. This comp should get much stronger next patch.

Warlock/DK/Healer - Shadowcleave - Max rating=2820
This comp was also much stronger at the start of the season than it is now. Still a decent comp, but melee cleaves can give it a bit of trouble.

Other comps: Warlocks can play with almost anything 

Warlock/Feral/Shammy - Max rating=2726
Warlock/Rogue/Druid - RLD - Max rating=2703
Warlock/Warrior/Pally or Druid - Max rating=2875


Warrior/Lock/Shammy - WLS - Max rating=2959
Very strong comp. Does insane damage and seems like it has a very fun playstyle. You can swap around a lot to create more pressure. Warriors and locks have good synergy.

Warrior/Hunter/Healer - KFC (Kung Fu Cleave) - Max rating=2922
This comp is best using a Shaman healer, but also can work with a Pally or Priest. This is probably one of the best comps you can run as a warrior right now. Has insane damage and great control. Throw a few scatter traps onto the enemy healer and faceroll to victory!

Warrior/Ret/Priest or Shaman - Max rating=3017
Pretty strong cleave team. This comp brings a ton of damage to the table and you are also paired with a Ret pally so you can get freedoms to stick to your targets better.

Warrior/DK/Pally - TSG - Max rating=2724
Not really amazingly strong, but pretty solid. This comp can create a ton of pressure and if you line up some good CC with fear, strangulate, gnaw, HoJ, etc, it's very hard for the other team to catch up.

Warrior/Mage/Pally - Max rating=2832
Fairly strong comp with good burst potential. One of the more fun comps to run due to getting freedoms and having the potential to kill someone in a deep freeze.

Other comps:
Warrior/Lock/Druid - WLD - Max rating=2875
Warrior/Dpreist/Pally - Max rating=2785
Warrior/Rogue/Priest - Max rating=2726
Warrior/Spriest/Druid or Shaman - Max rating=2857
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I felt the sting on that one.

GM jokes seem to be catching on...

And here is another one:

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Fly from Silvermooncity to Outlands

Its possible to fly from Silvermoon city to Outlands.

All you have to do is:

  1. Make your Hearthstone in Silvermoon city.
  2. Go to Outlands trough portal.
  3. Queu to BG and wait till it pops.
  4. Take Fp from Dark Portal to Thrallamar and accept BG!(While you are flying on fp)
  5. Wait few mins so bg starts, use unstuck, just after you unstuck ALT+F4
  6. Enjoy watching how you are flying from Silvermoon city to Outlands
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Turn 43 gold into 5000 gold - Oh noes, more limited supplies!

Proof that there are lazy/rich/clueless people!
80 silver turned into 427g!
Many people have made lots of gold selling limited supplies. Too bad no one has updated their posts to reflect Cataclysm changes! 

My record so far is about 5000g from the below items.
The goal is to visit the following npcs and buy items that seem valuable, notably trade goods and profession recipes. Note that limited supply means that it's not certain that a vendor has the items available when you visit them. After that, visit the Auction House and list the items for sale once again. I usually sell them between 50-350g each (Sometimes more!) and they are always sold within 4 days, assuming I'm the only one selling them! Otherwise it can take even a week!Cheaper trade goods, such as Coal and Spices sell for less naturally.

Some recipes sell for less than 10g though, like low level fish cooking recipes. Click on a name to see the locations!

It's recommended that you do this with a goblin so you get the exalted discount with all factions, even if you're not exalted!

Tip: Got tailoring? Don't sell shirt patterns, learn them yourself and sell each shirt for 99g!

Another tip: Someone else selling same recipe? Wait! Do not undercut! Selling multiple items of the same type? List only one or 2 at a time!

Reminder: Rich/clueless/lazy people do buy inscription dusts and powders, cooking supplies and Coal from AH! Don't believe me? See for yourself! 


Plans: Hardened Iron Shortsword

Recipe: Smoked Sagefish
Recipe: Sagefish Delight
Mild Spices

Pattern: Blue Overalls
Pattern: Pink Mageweave Shirt
Pattern: Red Woolen Bag
Pattern: Blue Linen Vest
Pattern: Lavender Mageweave Shirt 

Pattern: Heavy Leather Ball

Schematic: Red Firework
Schematic: Steam Tonk Controller

Black Rose
Red Rose

Dust of Disappearance
Vanishing Powder

Recipe: Rainbow Fin Albacore
Recipe: Rockscale Cod
Recipe: Mithril Head Trout 

Recipe: Rage Potion
Recipe: Great Rage Potion

Northern Barrens

Recipe: Hot Lion Chops

Nargal Deatheye
Feral Blade

Recipe: Strider Stew
Recipe: Crispy Lizard Tail

Southern Barrens

Medium Leather
Heavy Leather 


Alchemist Pestlezugg
Recipe: Philosopher's Stone
Recipe: Transmute Mithril to Truesilver
Recipe: Transmute Iron to Gold
Recipe: Transmute Arcanite

Blizrik Buckshot
Schematic: EZ-thro Dynamite II

Haughty Modiste
Pattern: Haliscan Jacket
Pattern: Haliscan Pantaloons
Pattern: Dress Shoes

Krinkle Goodsteel
Plans: Golden Scale Coif

Dirge Quikcleave
Recipe: Tender Wolf Steak

Un'goro Crater

Pattern: Devilsaur Gauntlets


Recipe: Lesser Mana Oil
Recipe: Wizard Oil

Design: Emerald Crown of Destruction


Sheendra Tallgrass
Recipe: Mighfish Steak
Recipe: Lobster Stew
Recipe: Baked Salmon
Recipe: Hot Wolf Ribs

Recipe: Ghost Dye
Recipe: Nature Protection Potion

Jangdor Swiftstrider
Pattern: Living Shoulders
Pattern: Green Whelp Bracers
Pattern: Turtle Scale Gloves

Thunder Bluff

Naal Mistrunner
Recipe: Longjaw Mudsnapper
Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish

Nata Dawnstrider
Formula: Enchant Boots - Minor Agility
Formula: Enchant 2H weapon - Lesser Intellect

Pattern: Red Woolen Bag
Pattern: White Wedding Dress
Pattern: Orange Martial Shirt
Pattern: Red Linen Bag
Kuja's Gold Mine 

Shadi Mistrunner
Design: Opal Necklace of Impact


Design: Blazing Citrine Ring
Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew
Pattern: Azure Silk Gloves
Recipe: Carrion Surprise

Plans: Solid Iron Maul

Stonetalon Mountains

Formula: Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Lesser Strength


Evie Whirlbrew
Recipe: Living Action Potion
Living Action Potion

Xizzer Fizzbolt
Schematic: Fused Wiring
Schematic: Expert's Training Dummy
Schematic: Powerful Seaforium Charge
Schematic: Delicate Arcanite Converter
Schematic: Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector

Recipe: Monster Omelet

Design: Necklace of the Diamond Tower
Pattern: Mooncloth
Pattern: Runecloth Bag


Lorelae Wintersong
Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod
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SWTOR: Strategies

Diablo III news and guides

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