Kripparrian of completes (World First) Ironman Challenge

How does one know if any of the rules were broken? Well It's a personal challenge so the rules are on the honor system. But by using the statistics tab in the character's armory a lot of information can be gleaned to tell if rules were broken or not, ie. deaths, consumables, potions, killing blows/kills ratio.

Check out his stats here:
Armory of his Ironman character

Playtime: 4 days 17 hours 40 minutes

Quote from Kripp explaining the fast time:
In regards to the played time, I think it could be improved by about 1 day with being generally less overly careful.
The reality is, I dont get to play all day as I work a full time job, so I have rested XP to go on. Every time I have to afk or look up a quest, I log off (every bit helps!). Also, I didnt use the AH, or trades at all.
I did play cautiously in the 80s, but I played completely reckless in wotlk zones. I would only kill mobs I had to kill, and would fd or trap my way through ones I didnt.
Effectively, my time played is a result of having almost no idle time (no in game non-leveling time), and skipping useless mobs. Oh! almost forgot, I dont waste time with out of combat mend pet. I just dismiss and resummon for full heals! (or using a flying mount when possible)

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