Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lined up for the quest item in MoP beta.

You know... you'd think that after eight years they'd have learned to NOT create choke points in their quest zones.

This is what is frustrating the hell out of me, it's like BC all over again. Collect X from Y mobs, with a 1 in 5 drop rate and slow respawn. Or collect X ground spawn with such a bad respawn people would just stand on the spots waiting and which ever gunslinger could click fast enough gets to move on.

I've wanted to reach through my monitor and choke more people in the last 24hr playing MoP than months of LFR.

Plus side Blizz's art department is amazing, the zones look fantastic.

Now if they'd get Tigole back from Titan to slap around all the new kids designing shit quest mechanics. Hell even keep the shitty mechanics if they could instance it so you're not fighting over everything.

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