What does the Diablo Collector's Edition Contain?

Evil that had been destroyed and long-forgotten returns again. Mortal heroes have to save Sanctuary again. The limited-edition Collector's Edition contains a very special set of Diablo goodies. It contains treasures to impress any Diablo fan. The legendary and rare items in the Edition would help in Diablo quests too.

Here is a quick summary of all the items in the Diablo Collector's Edition.

DIABLO III PC/MAC GAME – This is the full version of Diablo 3 on DVD-ROM.

DIABLO SKULL AND 4GB USB SOULSTONE - This is one of the most amazing goodies in the pack. It includes full versions of both Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction so you can revisit the past once again. Even though Diablo 3 requires heroes to learn the strategy of the game afresh, this look back into the future is a helpful resource for refreshing your combat skills before you take on the main Diablo 3 war.

EXCLUSIVE IN-GAME CONTENT – There is a fantastic amount of new game content in the Collector's Edition also.

  • Diablo III - Aesthetic Artifacts like special banners, bottled smoke, bottled cloud, glowing angel wings, dyed armor sets according to your creative ideas, etc.
  • Diablo II - Portraits
  • You can use special portraits from and army decal to proclaim your status as a hero who saved Sanctuary.
  • If you love Diablo, you would love to meet the teams that have brought the fantastic storyline into being. This exclusive Blu-ray/DVD two-disc set introduces you to the team of Diablo 3 with lots of interviews. It shows you how programmers, writers, artists, designers, musicians, and animators came together for this fantastic project.
  • A special 208-page art book takes a look into the design and art of the game. It takes you from the early ideas to the latest 3D designs.
  • You can even add the Diablo 3 music to your collection now. The Collector's edition includes a CD of all the 24 original pieces of music from the Diablo 3 soundtrack

Now, who would want to miss all this?!

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