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So, at levels 1-10 ratings scale immensely. Off the top of my head, I know that 1 haste rating is 2.6% haste, 1 crit rating is about 2%, 1 resilience is about 4% etc. In addition to this, agility gives oodles of dodge and crit.
So, gear:
  • Heirloom head, no enchants
  • Voice Amplification Modulator for neck (it's not that I'm worried that I will be silenced as a rogue, it's that it is the only uncommon or higher quality neckpiece at level one.)
  • PvP heirloom shoulders (gives one more stam than the JP ones, but doesn't have resilience at that level yet)
  • Heirloom cloak with +8 agility and +8 dodge rating
  • Heirloom chest with +100 HP
  • Vendor bracers with +9 stam
  • Herbalist's Gloves with +15 agility (I also have a pair with +10 haste, which is 26%, but for this screenshot I needed the agility to get over 100% crit)
  • Squealer's Belt (Has 4 more armor than the vendor belt. From a rare mob in Mulgore that was removed in Cata. Like ratings, armor's reduction scales insanely at level one as well. My 341 armor is roughly 45% physical damage reduction. Same reason I use the Herbalist's Gloves instead of the vendor; 44 armor instead of about 20, I think.)
  • Haliscan Pantaloons with Rugged Armor Kit (Haliscan Pantaloons are iLevel 35, so I can use the Rugged Armor Kit instead of the lower-level ones. Once again, because of the armor.)
  • Vendor boots (I have pairs with +7 stam, +7 agility, Minor Movement Speed, and +5 Hit rating (which is about 15%. At level one, we have about an 80% miss chance on level 40s... I need a lot of hit, but not as much for PvP.)
  • The 2.4k ring from Booty Bay for vanity reasons
  • The 100g ring because I didn't want to drop more on the BoE ring from Haris Pilton. Because it's BoE.)
  • Two Arena Grand Masters (+12 stamina each, 1000 damage shield on a 15-minute cooldown. Shares a cooldown with each other.)
  • Furbolg Medicine Pouch for my off-hand (+10 stamina, and since I'm using a one hander, I have less chance to miss. But sadly the on-use heal requires level 40.)
  • I have a large amount of weapons: Venerable Mass of McGowan x 2 (One with +15 agility, one with Pyrium Weapon Chain. The chain gives 40 hit rating, which is roughly 116% hit. Very useful.) Venerable Dal'rend's Sacred Charge with +15 agility, the JP dagger and the PvP dagger with +15 agility, Battle-worn Thrash Blade with +15 Agility and one with Lifestealing, Blessed Hammer of Grace with Lifestealing. For ranged, I have the gun for damage, but I don't use it much. But for PvP, I use the vendor throwing tusk thingy from Bildgewater Harbor because it has 1.5 weapon speed, so I use it for interrupting bandage's etc.
For professions:
- 150 skinning for about 13% crit
- 150 herbalism for rank three Lifeblood (91% haste)
- 225 first aid for Heavy Runecloth Bandages

And just as a side note, I'm actually a troll rogue (berserking and regeneration. The regeneration makes me crazy in PvP), but I'm using the locket from the vendor on Bear's Head in Azshara.
P.S. With Berserking, +10 haste rating to gloves, and rank 3 Lifeblood, I have 160.40% haste.


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