gandhi would be proud

This pretty impressive task was mailed to us. No Kills, No Quests, 11 points of total Damage. Level 85

Finally achieved my personal timesink in a game of timesinks. Herb'ed and Mine'd a ton and if not for a misclick I would have had a no damage run. 
The only quest that shows completed is the auto accepted quest "Personal Summons" that you get once you ding 80. I tried to cancel it but it accepted it anyway. 
If you are wondering where I leveled. 1-10 Mulgopre 10-15 Durotar 15 - 30 Silverpine forest / Hillsbrad Foothills 30 -45 or so Thousand Needles 45 - 60 Winterspring 60 -70 Zangarmash 70 -80 Wintergrasp 80- 85 Ulduum 
Those were my primary leveling areas. I did venture out to travel to different zones but selected the ones above due to ease of travel and node density.

Thought there would be a link to the WoW Armory

Not many things can impress me in this game nowadays. However, this is most excellent.

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