New RAF mount - Obsidian Nightwing

New Recruit a Friend reward mount - Obsidian Nightwing is now available and along with that the good old X-53 Touring Rocket has sadly been retired.

For those of you who got X-53 Touring Rocket earlier nothing will change - you'll keep the rocket as it is, and you can still obtain Obsidian Nightwing mount via new RAF.

And for those of you who haven't managed to get your X-53 Touring Rocket in time, the good news is that the new mount is technically still the same (it is also a taxi mount). 

However... it is the same, but still completely different at the same time. What are the main differences? Well, unlike X-53 Touring Rocket you're not sitting on the mount, but now you are the mount! And that's not all, you can also take a friend on your back and give him a ride over theAzeroth!

The only question is: Do you like the new mount better, or you've preferred the old one? So which one would that be?

X-53 Touring Rocket or Obsidian Nightwing

Make sure to leave us a comment which one is your favorite!

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