[Enchanting] Take advantage of Monks leveling!

Lots of people will be rerolling Monks in a few weeks, picking up either a combo of 2x [Venerable Mass of McGowan], or 1x[Burnished Warden Staff]. A lot of people also like to get the most of their character whilst leveling to hit maxlevel as fast as possible.

Introducing: Heirloom Enchants.

Both of these weapons can be enchanted to give either +15 Agility (for the 1-handers), or +25 Agility (for the staff).

So, where do you as an enchanter start?

Getting the Formulae
First of all, you need the relevant formulae: [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility] and [Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility], both of which require Timbermaw reputation (Honored and Friendly, respectively). Fret not, grinding your rep up takes ~30 minutes from Unfriendly to Honored. Talk to Salfa in Winterspring, hand him some [Winterfall Spirit Beads](you'll need about ~30--40 total), and you should have the required reputation.

Farming the Materials
Both enchants require the elusive [Essence of Air], which you can acquire in two ways -- transmute it, or farm it. I've opted for a combo of both, doing a transmutation of Essence of Water to Essence of Air on each of my transmutation masters each day, and spending a little bit of time in Silithus killing Dust Stormers, which have a semi-decent drop rate in my experience (in the past couple of hours, I've farmed up about 20 Essences). Finally, you'll need some [Large Brilliant Shards], which I just decided to grab on the AH. Each of these enchants should sell for a couple thousand gold, assuming I can control the market.

Happy enchanting!

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