Friday, October 5, 2012

Motes of harmony - high droprate

I am getting an extremely high drop rate of motes of harmony from the packs of hozen on the hill where you do the tiller dailies. They are a bunch of 4 or 5 usually and easy as heck to kill. You just got to watch out for the roaming hozen but theyre easy to avoid or kill as well. The name of the mobs are the Kunzen Rockflingers. I killed a pack of 5 in 2 secs and got 4 motes. Most packs are giving me at least 1 mote. Can anyone else help confirm?

Cheers! The place again is the hozen camp where you do the tiller dailies on the mountain. The mob Kunzen Rockflinger. Id post a pic but im farming as much as i can while I can, its insane!! =)

Still getting a lot of motes, in 36 mins since making the post Ive collected 28 motes. The daily must be to kill hozen because I get a few people come and go. It may have dropped off a little but then ill get 4 packs in a row dropping a mote each pack. I really dont know if this is good or not but it seems to be.

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