Troll Alliance AV (possible other BG's)

1: Be horde (have not tested alliance)
2: Be on the quest [Acid Rain].
3: Queue and wait for it to pop.
4: Click on the Recovered Gyrocopter and right after, enter the BG.
5: Don't cancel the cinematic, you will now be in the gyrocopter.
6: Logout normally, don't DC or alt f4.
7: Login, you will now be in the alliance start place if you are horde, and you will have the BG preparations buff which make you immortal until the BG start.
8: Run up to alliance and AoE/whatever while they can't kill you and don't understand what's going on :-) Also when BG start and you die, you will get ahead of everyone as you get ported to the GY before midfield.


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