I've never been more proud to be in this guild. Hard work payed off.

We spent tons of time getting all set up back when we did it in Wrath. The night before we went to do it our fury warrior got hacked. Thankfully they restored his gear and we were a go for the next day.

I kid you not, less than one minute after we got Herald he went offline. Before loot had even been handed out he got re-hacked. We like to think good guy hacker waited for us to finish Herald first. :3
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Kiting 85elite into orgrimmar to rape even level 80 tanks

Su 'ura Swiftarrow is an NPC outside Silverwing Grove in Ashenvale. I have kited her through the back entrance of orgrimmar into the AH and had the whole AH anihiliated while ive been dispersed. She hits for about 200k on cloth and is easily kited because she whirlwinds like every 10seconds.

Edit: She has 3.8 million HP but even on Blackrock - US she took ages to die because most abilitys against her miss Su'ura Swiftarrow - NPC - World of Warcraft
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ಠ_ಠ reference to Skyrim

I uses to like this phrase, but then I... Well you know the rest.

Fun Fact: there is also an "Arrow to the knee" refrence on the Guild Wars 2 beta. One of the Ranger (Hunter) abilities is a crippling shot that apperantly "fires an arrow the the targets knee, crippling them and hinders them to becoming an adventurer"
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Diablo III Evil is Back TV Spot

Have you already seen the new Diablo III TV commercial? no? Well, it's about time!
As previously announced new TV spot just debuted on the FOX during Family Guy commercial break, so if you don't like that show, it doesn't mean you should also miss Diablo III TV spot!

Watch it now and share your thoughts with us!

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Mega Bloks??? Seriously?!?! This could have been so cool... I mean, they could definitely have scored a deal with Lego. Atleast That's how I felt about the Halo Mega Bloks. And I think a number of other franchises.. For some reason companies think Mega Bloks are a better choice than Lego. Unless Mega Bloks did something crazy since I grew up that I'm not aware of...
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[BETA] Keep Corruption up while in Metamorphosis.

I was testing/ attacking mobs with over 1mil hp, i noticed while you are in metamorphosis you aren't allowed to recast corruption/doom (if glyphed) but somehow that it kept refreshing itself to 30sec. What i found out was that when you melee(auto attack) it will refresh it. Only works when you are using main hand weapon (ex. daggers/swords) but doesnt work when you have wand equip on main hand slot.

I personally think this is great since every time a corruption tick you get 6 demonic fury, or 30 demonic fury with doom. Also with this you can save countless GCD when you are fighting bosses without ever reapplying it.

Hopefully this never gets patched when live comes out.

If this has been posted before i'm sorry , but like i said i don't have donator rank so i cant see anything on Elite Threads.

For those who cant understand what i wrote here is a simpler way:

  1. Cast Corruption
  2. Go into Metamorphosis
  3. Auto attack in melee range.
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Tier 3 Transmog trick (A lot of potential)

I just wanted to share this exploit with everyone here, haven't contributed in a long time and I think it's time.

We're going to use tier 3 transmog as example in this case.

Requires one person with the desired gear (in this case tier 3)

You and your tier3 buddy runs an instance, whichever instance it might be, just be sure to be the same class for tier 3.

You kill a boss, loot f.x plate shoulders, the tier 3 person gets the shoulders, transmogs those shoulders into tier 3 and then TRADES it to you since you can trade people within 2hours after you recieved the loot if you did it together.

This works x-realms.

Do it fast because I'm quite sure this is going to get hotfixed quite soon. Here is a video for more in-depth explanation

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My vote for best WoW Wallpaper

Larger Res Version

From the artist of the comic Three Panel Soul (and mac hall) Ian McConville. Ive been following/reading those comics for so long, I feel like they are old friends. I feel so sad when I accidentally open Mac Hall's website and I see that years old comic about growing up.
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What I imagine it will be like when we can mount druids.

I've always thought that gnomes should have a racial ability that allows them to piggy-back ride other players.

I have a female druid, I think it will be fun.
"Hop on, your the 5th guy thats ridden me in the last hour."
"Your welcome for the ride, cum back again."
"If your gonna ride me that long, at least kiss me on the ear."
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Wanderings of an Essplorer

This is the story of a draenei that got bored of fighting endless legions of demons, of undead. She was tired of the war. One day, she came to an ancient manor, where she found people sharing her passion : essploration. She became close friends to another draenei, a human and a troll. Together, they began to search for ancient mysteries, ancient land, and discover ancients secrets. This is their story.

Wanderings of an Essplorer is an exploration movie made by feangren from The Royal IdP Essploring Fundation. Everything showed here has been filmed on live servers, including PTR and Beta realms.

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Horde pre-raid on Stormwind, 2008.

Nothing quite like a full scale city-raid ...

I remember in BC, on Christmas eve, the two top PVE guilds, and a host of other players joined up to raid ogrimmar. Out of no where Org was ransacked, and players simply said, "Merry Christmas, you fifthly animals." As they posted screenshots on the realm forums.
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Last chance for the Annual Pass!

For those of you who haven't signed for the annual pass yet, but still wan't to do that - hurry up! There's only 6 days left to get your Diablo III for free.

April 30 is your last chance, after that time Diablo III Annual pass will be no longer available.

quick reminder about what Annual pass is and what you get for singing it:

WoW Annual Pass is one year agreement, by singing it you agree to play (and pay for) World of Warcraft for the next 12 months. In return you're getting your Diablo III completely out of charge.

In additional you will get exclusive World of Warcraft mount - Tyrael's Charger.

For more information read the original post on D3 community site
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The True King of the North

Will always be the best character in the warcraft universe for me, his voice always sends shivers up my spine.

Well, the iron throne is not actually the seat for the king in the north, but for the ruler of westeros. If the king in the north was to actually seperate, it probobly would be based in winterfell.
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AFK Skinning Mount Hyjal

This mob can be found in Mount Hyal called Spinecale Matriarch. Once he is looted and skinned he will instant respawn. If you stand to close at his spawn location or on top of it he will not spawn untill you move a bit away from it. On the video i show where you can stand so you are in range to melee hit him once he spawns to kill it. I used a hunter in the video not the best class for it unless you go beast mastery then the hugging should be np however i still manage to kill the mob pretty fast while hugging him. This is the macro i have been using for it. As you can kill the mob loot it and skin it with just 1 button. Don't forget to enable autoloot.

I am using mac and it got buildin program called *Applescript Editor* just copy paste this on it and it will be spamming the s key for you in wow.

repeat 1000000 times
tell application "System Events"
tell application "World of Warcraft" to activate
key code 1
end tell
delay (random number from 1 to 1)
end repeat
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Diablo III Open beta Ends

The weekend has ended, so as the Diablo III Open Beta... we all had time to rest from our schools, Jobs, and the gyms(?). Some of you preferred to spent the whole weekend sitting on your couch, some of you preferred to party, and the others have chose to Play one of the most awaited games in the history. We're of course talking about Duke Nuk - *ekhm* - Diablo 3!

Yes, this weekend Diablo III Beta was available to play for everyone, and we all had our chance to test the game (so as the servers) on its almost final stage.

The most important question is... what do you think?! If you have played Open Beta this weekend, please share your thoughts with us! Tell us what you like and what you hate about Diablo III. What you think should be improved, and what should stay as it is now? Maybe during the play you found some Diablo 3 bugs?

Whatever that was, please share all your thoughts either in the comments below
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Lined up for the quest item in MoP beta.

You know... you'd think that after eight years they'd have learned to NOT create choke points in their quest zones.

This is what is frustrating the hell out of me, it's like BC all over again. Collect X from Y mobs, with a 1 in 5 drop rate and slow respawn. Or collect X ground spawn with such a bad respawn people would just stand on the spots waiting and which ever gunslinger could click fast enough gets to move on.

I've wanted to reach through my monitor and choke more people in the last 24hr playing MoP than months of LFR.

Plus side Blizz's art department is amazing, the zones look fantastic.

Now if they'd get Tigole back from Titan to slap around all the new kids designing shit quest mechanics. Hell even keep the shitty mechanics if they could instance it so you're not fighting over everything.
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Do You Really Need a Guide For WoW Dailies?

I consider myself to be a relative expert of almost all things to do with World of Warcraft.  That's why, when I saw this new dailies and events guide, I was pretty surprised.  I mean, I can understand a few people maybe wanting a WoW Dailies guide to help them, but the guide seemed very popular.

That got me thinking a bit.  At first I thought, I've been playing WoW since it was in beta, so I know almost everything there is to know about dailies and events - but what about newer players, or players who just aren't as hardcore as me?  After a while, I was just too curious to stand it anymore.

So, after deciding to just give Zygor's Dailies & Events Guide a shot (I wasn't expecting much at all), I was in for a rather big surprise.  I was completing dailies faster than I ever had before - and I'm an expert!  Once I picked up my trampled ego off the floor, I was pretty impressed.  I mean, I was doing things in only a few minutes what used to take me an hour, or more, to complete.

Now, I'm the proud owner of full heirloom item sets for all classes and I got my Crusader title faster than I thought was possible.  All in all, I use Zygor's guide every day, and if you are looking to do dailies and get heirloom items and your Crusader title really fast, this guide is not a bad investment.

You can get Zygor's guide here. 
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Today in History: Arena item vendors open for the first time in Area52

What I was doing this day: Spawn, cast frost nova on every Ally in the room, use Icy Veins, and spam rank 1 Arcane Explosion. It did so little damage that it would not break any of the frost novas, but since it was hitting ~300 horde at a time, it procced my lightning capacitor ~50 times simultaneously. It was 1shotting one random player every ~1.2 seconds, but not doing enough damage to anybody else for them to bother killing me.

I capped out my honor that day, from empty :)

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Best graffiti ever. For Vol’jin!!

I'd be satisfied with Vol'jin as our warchief. I wish the picture was taken from a better angle, looks cool though, BUT As an almost Troll only player, I approve this message. FOR THE HORDE!

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Exploring the world still has its hilarious benefits.

For the uninformed: Cows will go up steps, but they will not try to go down steps.

Bossy, I need to ask something great of you. I need to cut off your head to prove my loyalty to the bloodsail Buccaneers, so they will allow me to infiltrate their ranks and hopefully discover their true intentions. Booty Bay needs you, more than ever. 

For the uninformed: This is in the real world, not in World of Warcraft
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[beta] Do insane damage and possibly kill raid bosses as a hunter.

This is quite simple. Call beast has no CD. So basically summon millions of pets and let em loose.

It's like I'm having deja vu.

Also, not shown in this video is how broken Hunter self-healing is.

Note: I kind of took the footage on the spot so that on the off chance Blizzard fixed this quickly I'd at least have some footage of the bug. Since it has yet to be fixed, I may remake the video and cut the ear rape by a ton if possible.

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"So I read this phat ticket about some foo... you got some time to rap about this?" (GM Ticket)

Whitest. People. Ever.

There certainly is a higher level of customer service for people with the Gladiator title. The insane title, also. I know the latter from experience.

Nobody at Bliz wants to fuck with someone who got insane with Shen'dralar... that's just a recipe for disaster. They fear us. =)
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Got a kick out of this.. Some CM's are funny.

I think it is worth mentioning that the title of the thread is:"blizz doesn't care about me".

The thread:

After reading through the thread i also found this:

Jarex i fite enenemy orc but y the bigger than hiuman, humnan supposed to master race no goblorc biggr than human. The king is no more child but still emo and dres like orcj. Unless huiman get muscle b ig in panadara, i no lonmger play. Why is Bliazzard orcs?
Obviously a troll, but that last sentence killed me.
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Xmog Boa gear and send to alts(Still works, with a twist)

It only works with items you receive from quests, eg, I have the staff of the redeemer on my warlock, xmogged the boa staff to it, and sent it to a level 1 priest, worked 100%, dunno if this would help, but apparently only using one button on your mouse to click the mailbox, drag the item into the mail and send it etc etc...... Screenshots for proof...

  1. Transmog a boa weapon with any quest item you want(MUST BE A QUEST ITEM!)
  2. Using only one of the buttons on your mouse(Left click preferably)
  3. Click mailbox
  4. Click send mail
  5. Type in character name
  6. Drag xmogged item into mail and send it
  7. Log on char you sent it too
  8. Retrive from mailbox, and enjoy
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[Beta] One shot bosses as a lock.

Demonic sacrifice stacks. There are two methods.

  1. Sacrifice demon.
  2. run in and out of an instance portal until you get something like 788 million hp.
  3. Gratz you can one shot things

Method 2.
  1. Sacrifice demon.
  2. Go to an inn and log in and out over and over until 788 million hp.
  3. Gratz you can oneshot things.

Its very useful in firelands to get legendary staff.
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[DIABLO III] Change your BattleTag for free!

Just a few days ago Blizzard released new Update that allows you to change your BattleTag for free!
As they said, many players created battletags just to test this new feature, so if you've picked nickname you're not happy with - you can change it once for free.

Users who haven't created their BattleTag yet, will also get a chance to change their BattleTag for free after its been created (similar way character name change for Starcraft II worked).

Remember that BattleTag is required to play Diablo III, and in future it will be used in many features across all of

To see more info about what BattleTag is and how it works, see the original news on Diablo III Community site.
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Whenever I hear about the ashbringer, I'm always reminded of that old tales of the past 3 movie. I wish you could get it in game. 


Blizzard should hire this guy to re-do the stained glass in the Cathedral of Light in stormwind. The rest of this guy's stuff is absolutely amazing. His Ulduar one is probably one of my favorite pieces of art ever. His Fall of Arthas piece is also pretty stellar. All of his stuff is great.

Here is a direct link to all his WoW fan-art: Here.
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BC Screenshot of Shattrath in 2007.

Best times I ever had playing WoW were during BC. Every time I see screens from then my stomach gets that dropping sensation from the nostalgia.

Shattrath was so awesome for random gatherings like that. Swarm of mounts making shapes around A'dal with only /y organizing them? Sure, sanctuaries = passive play, but that one created more of a feeling of being in a server than a flea market, especially when you're looking at the horde counterpart of you in your rival guild thinking to yourself "we have the same gear but I could totally outplay him"
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A friend changed his name to Pizza, the NPC dialog is fantastic.

I wonder How was that not taken?

I once came across a toon name Peptobismol. Now swap that name out with Pizza and the real hilarity ensues. ;)

Just checked the armory and apparently there are close to 200 toons named Peptobismol. What.the.heck.

You will love his SWTOR characters btw:

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Found in Oprah Magazine. Wonder what she plays?

I'm Curious to know what other celebrities (washed up or otherwise) play, aside from the ones pictured in those awful commercials. Dave Chappelle, Audrey Plaza and Macaulay Culkin have mentioned it in a few interviews.

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[MOP Beta] Vendor bug / Dupe your gold!

There is a very major bug in the MOP beta which allows you to create gold .

  1. Go to a tailoring vendor and buy 20x Eternium Thread. (It have to be a full stack - do not just buy one).
  2. Sell them back to the vendor.
The selling price in the tooltip does show the wrong amount of gold. Watch your gold when you sell it back.
You will notice that you get 300 Gold from selling the stack.

Useful macro for buying many stacks:¨

/dump BuyMerchantItem(x,20);
/dump BuyMerchantItem(x,20);
/dump BuyMerchantItem(x,20);
/dump BuyMerchantItem(x,20);
/dump BuyMerchantItem(x,20);
/dump BuyMerchantItem(x,20);
/dump BuyMerchantItem(x,20);
/dump BuyMerchantItem(x,20);

(Note 1: Replace X with the ID of the Eternium Thread in the vendor window)
(Note 2: Use this macro while you've opened the vendor window.)
(Note 3: You have to use the dump command because LUA code is disabled!)

Oh - and by the way: This does not only work for Eternium Thread. This works with food and other
stuff aswell!
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This is a view from the top of Nordrassil all the way down to the southern shore of Uldum. View distance set at 21000 (in-game settings max out at 1250)

Kalmindor, one of the two main lands in WoW. From that map I linked, imagine the camera is by the picture of the octopus in the top right looking down. The top 1/3 of the map is cut off (from the word "The" in "The Veiled Sea" up is out of sight), so the first things you see there are southern Azshara and southern Hyjal. The green forest area just above the black lava area at the bottom is Ashenvale. The orange area to the left is the Orc capital and starting areas.

More detail available here.

Ready for your heads to explode? On the next image I'm hovering above the dark portal and I turned around, and what did I see? Only Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Specifically the instanced start zones for the Belves and Draenei.

All of the BC zones (Outlands, Azuremyst Isle, Bloodmyst Isle, Ghostlands, Eversong Woods, and Isle of Quel'Danas) are located in the same instance, presumably to make it easier to keep non-Burning Crusade owners out of them. That's why you still need to go through a loading screen to reach any of them from Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor. Now the only logical thing to do is go to Silvermoon city and look for Outland to the north, but they did some really strange things with Silvermoon's architecture to pull off some of the visuals. Funky stuff.

Silvermoon City is just a bunch of sprites, basically. Since you only ever see it from the ground, it looks fine. If you manage to get up in the air, you can see it's just a bunch of facades. That's partially why SMC, Ghostlands, and Eversong Woods are non-flyable. They'd have to completely redo SMC from the ground up.
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Answers to 'The Great Noblegarden TCG Egg Hunt Giveaway'

So WoWHead has this Contest open where you get 10 shots to win TCG items. You need an account on their site and be logged in.

A series of questions are asked as linked in the above page. I'm directly linking y'all to the 'answer pages'. Simply visit the links below to get automatically entered:
  1. Rona Greenteeth
  2. Blood Seeker
  3. Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops
  4. Contest Winner's Tabard
  5. Sheddle Glossgleam
  6. Super Simian Sphere
  7. Swift Springstrider
  8. Yor
  9. Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal
  10. Nightmare Seed
Best of Luck.

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Have An Extra Pet That Levels With You (Alliance Only, Worgen)

Well, There is a quest in the Worgen starting zone named From the Shadows and gives you an item, Gilnean Mastiff Collar 

If you get this quest, Then escape the worgen starting zone, ( if you dont know how to escape the worgen starting zone, Check a video out on youtube, Try Trokair's method, Works very good, And still works for even me. ) 

You will still have the quest item, and can summon a dog that levels with you until you reach your limit, Lvl 85, (MoP Even lvl 90 )

Here is Trokair's video if you need it:

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LFM Destroying [The 1 Ring]

I actually tried an RP realm and I was on a guild where we went on loong adventures on foot and I remember going all the way to thousand needles - on a walking pace.

I find that rp like this can be fun if people stay in character. Thats the character I logged in on when I was bored of the rest of the game and after two years of creating it it was still level 40 something. /coolstorybrotime
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I'm calling it right now. This monkey is gonna have a drink in MoP called "Fo Fook's Sake"

Kung Fu Panda - The Game.

He's not a vendor right now, but he might turn into one/give it out as a quest reward.
I spent hours looking for easter eggs and this was one of the first screenshots I took and it went completely over my head.
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Easy way to farm Noblegarden Eggs

Using the program called Warcraft Machinima Tool to disable rendering M2 objects allow you to see the eggs alot faster. It basically removes (client side) all of the trees/bushes/lamps and any other M2 object.



Using WMT:

As you can see it hides the objects that hide the eggs. (the program cannot hide players)

Official site
WMT Version 3.24 for WoW 4.3.3 r15354

How to use WMT

Click on Customs (1) and then click Render M2 (2), when you are done with the farm just click again Render M2 and close the program.
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Deeprun Tram Aquarium-polymorph

Have a mage cast polymorph on you.(we had an alliance mage help)
when your through the wall use a pvp trinket that removes movement impairing effects and go

this has more then likely been posted before but meh it still work

after 20minutes of stupid we got in

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Developers client in vanilla. This is one of the first tests for BWL back in 2005

I love it, "Why are the mobs attacking the boss?" lolol

Grinding out BWL back in the day was such a pain. I can't envision encounters like Nefarian or Chromaggus ever again, but there might be a place for a Vael or Razorgore clone in the new WoW raid style.

Razorgore felt like such an epic fight with hunters being followed by a metric fuckload of mobs.
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Transfer MoP beta items to live servers (WiP)

See that? You can buy nearly any BoE from a restock vendor in the MoP beta. There is a way to transfer them to live but I need more testing to be done.

So first step is to get an item you wish to transfer. I did the Vial of the Sands shown above.

Next, we need to have someone send a scroll of resurrection to an account which shares the same account name as the MoP beta account (I.e. WoW2).

Ok, now we accept the scroll and do the exploit that lets us split the level boost and character transfer.

The goal is to boost a level 1 on the live account while transferring the beta account character to live servers.

This can be done if both characters have the same name AND account name.
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Thanks, Random Generator, that's an excellent name...

"I know what you're thinking. "Did he fap six times or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a goblin penis, the most powerful dong in Azeroth, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" -Fapcop 2012

Now your asking How do people not know how to take a screenshot by now? Well The reality of the situation is that I am fully capable of operating a computer. However, I did not originally intend to post this here. It began as a picture to text to some buddies of mine. Posting it was an after thought, and by that time it was too late to screenshot it. My apologies if I caused you any distress with my lack of planning.
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I miss her.

At this point when you go enter an old raid you don't have a choice to tune it like you do with WotLK and and Cataclysm raids (ie 10, 25, 10 H, and 25 H). What if Blizzard added the option to all old raids (raids from any of the previous expansions), something along the lines of 'current tier.' When you enter the dungeon on 'current tier' level it does nothing but up the numbers of the raid (boss/mob health and damage, etc) to what it would be like if you were raiding current tier content.

The bosses wouldn't drop any new loot, it would be all about having fun and riding the nostalgia train with your raid. There would be no incentive to do it other than the thrill of doing it (other than maybe an achievement), that way people wouldn't need to complain about being left behind. Oh, and if you don't want to find a group to do, say, AQ20? Just set it back to normal and solo away. I honestly can't imagine it would take that much time/effort, or detract from adding new content, especially if the tuning is done during the development of new expansions.
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World Of Warcraft Scroll Of Resurrection Detailed In Tutorial Videos

Last month Blizzard re-launched World of Warcraft's Scroll of Resurrection feature, which allows subscribers to give free game time to inactive players. Today they release two tutorial videos so you know how to send and receive a Scroll.

Active subscribers can send Scrolls through the in-game social pane or their Account management page. They can send out two Scrolls per day, one through each of these methods. The inactive player receiving this Scroll will get an e-mail with instructions on how to redeem it.

The Scroll of Resurrection gives the player seven days of free game time. It also gives them a free upgrade to the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion if they don't already own it. To ensure that you can start playing the Cataclysm content right away, the Scroll even lets you permanently boost one of your characters to level 80. This character will get a set of level-appropriate gear for the talent spec of their choice as well.

If this returning player ends up subscribing to WoW again, the player who sent them the Scroll will get an exclusive mount. They can either earn a Spectral Gryphon for an Alliance character or a Spectral Wind Rider for a Horde character. You'll only get one mount for one character but fortunately you can earn additional mounts by getting more players to re-subscribe.

The new Scroll went live on March 6th. Blizzard says that they'll only offer the free Cataclysm upgrade and level 80 boost for 90 days.

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Cataclysm Arcane Mage Guide

Arcane – Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

A spec which focuses on mobility and reduced raid damage. There are a number of optional talents dependant on your specific raid or role requirements and these are covered in the table above.

Arcane was the best DPS spec in 4.0.6 but the current Dragon Soul recounts clearly show that Fire Mages are dominating the DPS charts. Anyway Arcane mages are less mobile than fire mages but have slightly bigger single target dps but its not always the case. Also arcane mages have higher burst dmg than fire mages.

Stat priority for Arcane Mages
  • Intellect is by far the strongest stat. This stat should always be your priority.
  • Hit Cap - As I said its harder to achieve in Cataclysm but try doing so without sacrificing much of the other stats.
  • Haste - Arcane Mages without haste is like a warrior without weapon.
  • Crit – Not that valuable as arcane mage but still required.
  • Mastery - Also a good stat for arcane mage as it increases dmg done depending on your mana unspent. 

Arcane Cycles
The basic premise behind Arcane DPS is divided into two main phases, the Burn Phase and the Conservation Phase.

Burn Phase
As the name suggests, this is the primary DPS phase of the Arcane spec and is initiated when Evocation will be off CD when the burn phase is completed and ideally, when at full mana with a 4 stack AB present. A typical scenario would be to AB spam until your mana level is such that a Mana Gem will take you to 100% mana, then pop all CDs and continue to spam AB until you reach 35% mana. This phase ends with an Evocation.

Dependant on encounter mechanics, the burn phase need not necessarily be initiated at the start of the encounter as was somewhat traditional with Arcane. If periods exist were a specific high RDPS is needed, or the boss enters a phase were they take vastly increased damage, then the burn phase can be aligned to that. Flame Orb can also be used to regenerate mana as in some cases it can initiate a high number of AM procs. This could allow for a secondary limited burn phase after Evocation using every available AM proc to regenerate mana. PoM can also be introduced into the burn phase once AP fades as with the Arcane Potency proc being active, a 4 stack AB is preferable. PoM can also be used at a suitable point prior to the pull, such as conjuring a mana gem and the two Arcane Potency buff charges will be present for the pull itself.

Conservation Phase
This is a mana-neutral rotation designed to keep your mana near 100% until such time as Evocation will soon be off CD. The exact rotation is heavily dependant on gear and raid buffs and is probably the phase affected the most by the coming Arcane changes. The primary focus of this phase is maintaining as close to 100% mana as possible whilst ensuring that no mana is wasted. There will be some variation in your chosen mana neutral cycle as you take advantage of procs such as Clearcasting and Arcane Potency.



Prime Glyphs :

Major Glyphs:
Minor Glyphs:
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Panda Starting Zone: The Lesson of the Burning Scroll

If you got beta and you wanna play a Panda, you will have definitly the same problem as me, with the third Quest "The Lesson of the Burning Scroll".

I have a little guide / tip for you.

Here is the problem, you can´t klick the scroll because thousends of player blocking the scroll and you can´t find it.

Here´s a little vid showing a little trick.. worked for me in 5sec..

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Mists of Pandaria is NOT a Joke

This video sums up perfectly that type of mouthbreather. It's sad too. Their head is always so far up their own ass they'll never see the light, no matter how bright it is.

The Mists of Pandaria beta and annual pass has made a lot of people rage, so I decided to make this WoW video on it.

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SWTOR: Strategies

Diablo III news and guides

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