The feeling of getting better each level... I miss this

I totally understand their reasoning. Cookie cutter builds leave little room for individualization, many straight stat boost talents were mandatory, with added levels it was becoming untenable, etc etc. I like the new talent system a lot, and I think it's probably superior.

That being said, I understand what you mean. I do miss the old system in some respects. That's probably mostly nostalgia, but I agree about the constant stream of points every time you level. I just introduced a new player to the game, and there's such a big gap between talent points if you don't play a ton that it's easy to forget about them.

I really miss the hybrid build. I remember my warlock had just enough points to get the felguard and then the rest were in Destruction. There were so many possibilities with 60+ points to distribute. You were also able to pick from any of the three trees as well. I just miss the freedom. Ultimately, I feel that WoW has shifted from a role-playing game toward a "fighting" game. It used to take a very long time to build your character and you were very involved with the growth process. The professions, mounts, questing...all were more difficult to achieve and when I reached 60, it was something I was genuinely proud of. Now, 90 is a quick grats and on to dailies. I miss the old talent system because it truly let me personalize my character and it felt more unique.

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