The season 12 Gladiator mount.

Man that mount is hideous. I saw it yesterday on my realm, and i thought what a big let down for a gladiator mount. I think the past gladiator mounts look way better. For BC the netherdrake, Wrath a frostwyrm, and Cata a twilight drake. I really don't like mists cloud serpants, they are hideous. Maybe they can do a pterodactyl gladiator mount for the next season, since isle of giants released.

You have to end the Season with a Rating that is in the top 0.5% of your Battlegroup. Same goes for Hero of the Horde/Alliance for RBG. The cutoff is realm dependent. Unfortunately, wintraders topped most of the ranks this season and made a lot of very good players lose their chance at this mount/Glad title.

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