Whoever wrote that was feeling salty.

You play a quest giver, climb on a horse with an ! over your head. 3 Steryotyplical Players come by. There is Dumass, the noob who has no idea what he is doing and is super annoying "hi, hey hi how are you hi". The next is Orckus, a lvl 80 raid geared Orc on a Raid Flying Mount. He fits the role of the over level dude who wastes his time doing low lvl quests and acts like he is the shit and shows off. The last would be Johnny Awesome. He stands for the sleek players leveling an alt. Full Heirlooms, fancy guild, celestial steed he payed cash for. He acts like he knows it all. The best part is that you follow these 3 through the quests in the area (not going into detail here because spoilers)


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