honor heirlooms on new realm with no main

This guide is for chest+shoulder heirloom which you cant buy from the guild vendor. On a new realm without a main as a low lvl char. Requires help from a lvl 90.

tldr: Get a friend to kill the pvp rares in krasarang for you, loot the honor badges, buy heirlooms from the honor.

If you dont know which rares i mean read this: WoW Rare Spawns: New 5.1 Rare Faction Champions in Krasarang Wilds - A Closer Look

You can get with mage portal to pandaland and let someone fly you over with a 2-seat mount.
Phasing doesnt matter, just have to be close enough to the spot where the rare is killed to get the loot. If your friend hasn't done the pre-quest no problem, just takes 5min time. The rares drop 250 honor badges. There are 3 rares, respawn is ~40-50min, since everyone moved on to 5.2 content you will have mostly free reign on a medium server.

Either way crossrealm will greatly speed up things.

Make use of a guild with the honor perk (+10%) and place the epic battle standard (+15%) before using the honor badges.
This will boost by 60 honor : 250 *1,25 = 312 honor , a heirlom is about 2,1k honor so its only 7 badges per heirloom instead of 9

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