Transmogrification: Human Engineer/Miner (The *Tank*)

I like this recolor better than the original set. It's one of the coolest plate sets I've seen in a while. Awesome idea! I love engineering xmogs, and I've toyed with a mining idea before.

  • Helm: Armored Titanium Goggles
  • Shouldes: Pauldrons of Brute Force
  • Chest: Unscarred Breastplate
  • Waist: Tenacious Defender
  • Legs: Greaves of the Iron Guardian
  • Feet: Ironsole Clompers
  • Gloves: Ironblade Gauntlets
  • Cloak: Cloak of Beasts
  • Shirt: Fine Cloth Shirt
  • Main hand: Brann's Trusty Pick
  • Off hand: Force Reactive Disk


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