collection of priest transmogs

I love those!! Especially the purple w/matching staff, and the last one, the Skank one! Can you post what gear/sets those are? I'm already farming for some stuff on my rogue that I found in this subreddit, I might as well farm for my priest too! I LOVE those! I hope they aren't Horde specific, my toon is alliance.

Probably my favorite transmog. Very priest-ly.

I'm amazed at how perfectly the staff matches this set.

Difficult getting matching gloves/belt. Still like it, though.

Asian themed. Would have looked better with a black bun hairstyle :)

Warlock-y set. Working on getting the Warlock T1 horn look-alike, but one of the prereq quest in Nagrand is bugged for me :(

Same but with different chest.

...and again different chest.

Horde skank.

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