Transmogrification: Rhaegar, of the blood of Old Valyria.

It is a game of thrones reference. I feel like the sword, shield, and cloak are what set it apart and what I took the most time to go out and find, the shield especially took quite a few months of waiting for one to pop up that the player could afford, He don't play enough to make too much gold these days.
  • Head: Colossal Dragonplate Faceguard
  • Chest: Colossal Dragonplate Chestguard
  • Shoulders: Colossal Dragonplate Shoulderguard
  • Legs: Colossal Dragonplate Legguards
  • Feet: StillHeart Warboots
  • Gloves: Colossal Dragonplate Handguards
  • Back: Bloodknight War Cloak
  • Sword: Chromatic Tempered Blade
Shield: Ward of the Red Widow


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