Darkmoon Faire quick gold (Not alot, but still)

We found a trick which can be used on Darkmoon faire.

Basicly what you have to do is this:
  • Turn Auto loot off.
  • Play some games and get [Darkmoon Game Prize] from the dailies.
  • After you got some, let's say around 5,Open them one by one.
Here comes the good part. They have a chance to contain pets/maybe a mount or w/e. You are going to right click open them,then remove any "nice rewards" and then click on the X button. 

By doing that the rest of the useless rewards will stay in. 

Now all you gotta do is spam that you sell em. We manage to sell 5 yesterday for 150g each.So 750g with no work involved . The cool part is that i got plenty of whispers.(The ammount you gonna sell also depends on how your server's population is.)

TL;DR : play games get boxes remove the goods from them, sell them by leaving one thing like the sandbox toy or w/e.

Happy gold making 

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