Level in Brawler's guild ( Big Badda Boom )

So, friend asked me if i could log my pala to buff him with mastery so he can kill 1st boss at Rank 9Big Badda Boom , so i logged my pala, joined group and waited. What i noticed is that i was getting XP for each small bomb he kills. At lvl85, without any bonus XP gear i was getting 11,436xp or some 310K total for the kill, in 2 min. I havent tested it with bonus Xp gear but i think it should also work so i guess u can get about 450-500k in those 2min. I tested it with other bosses and ones i tasted only gave me 11.436xp so i think this only works with Big Badda Boom

Well this is start of the fight, you can notice XP i have

After the kill.

So i got some 310K Xp. Also you get Xp for each small bomb that gets killed ( not after the fight ) so even if someones wipe you will get some XP ( if at least one small bomb gets killed )...

Sorry if this is a repost ( i looked ) and sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes, its 2 hot to think....

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