TIL The new Superman (Henry Cavill) missed the call from Zack Snyder about receiving the Man of Steel role because he was raiding.

I bet he plays a Paladin. Superman would absolutely play a Paladin.

I wish girls would yell with excitement like that when I told them I play WoW... Then again I feel like the kind of girls who would go to Jay Leno to hear a Cavill interview are slightly different than the kind of girls you probably talk to on a daily basis. Plus, it's Cavill. He could probably say just about anything and get that reaction. also Leno is such a dumbass. Notice how he immediately goes for a "and all the girls go awww because their boyfriends play" joke immediately after a huge high pitched clearly-female positive reaction from the audience when WoW is mentioned. Idiot. Cavil seems cool though.


That is what I am telling for years. I went AFK because Zack Snyder keep calling!

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