Easy Achievement Points

Ideally what I would like to do with this post is compile a ton of easy, less known about achievements for those who would like to get some extra points. I'll probably be expanding on this as time passes.

Ten Points: Ultimate Triage

Easiest way to obtain: Use a bandage on someone who just finished a duel.

Ten Points: Ten Tabards

Easiest way to obtain:
- You can get two tabards for a total of 150 honor from the PvP Accessories Vendor/Tabard Vendor [2/10]
- The Major City Faction Tabards (located by main city flight vendors) [8/10]
- Guild Tabards (the white, blue, and epic guild tabard all count as unique for the achievement) [11/10]

Ten Points: Going Down

*being as I only have horde toons, I don't have a place for stomwind, if someone gives me a place, I'll +rep.

Easiest way to obtain (for Horde only, currently): Start here, run and JUMP slightly to the right of the mailbox. Try to land here. If done correctly, you will land with about 1% health.

Ten Points: Dual Talent Specialization

Easiest way to obtain: Well.. just visit your class trainer!

Ten Points: A Shave and a Haircut

Easiest way to obtain: Talk to your local barber, and choose anything that costs gold to obtain the achievement.

Ten Points: Safe Deposit

Easiest (only) way to obtain: Purchase all additional bank slot bag spaces for 111g 10s

Ten Points: Explore Isle of Quel'Danas

Easiest way to obtain: Just take this portal in Shattrath and it will be granted to you.

Ten Points: Restore Balance

Easiest way to obtain: In the Jade Forest, click a broken incense burner, located here.

Ten Points: Make Love, Not Warcraft

Easiest way to obtain: Join a BG and /hug a dead member of the enemy faction before they release spirit.

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