Helpful Auction House Macros

Hey i just thought i'd do this because i am bored and haven't posted in a good amount of time. So here you go, regular blizzard UI auction house macros The last line of each macro will explain what it does/how to use it, don't copy that part when you make the macro. If you feel the need to flame, please don't, I'd very much appreciate it. Browse Tab: This section will only talk about things you can do in the Browse section of the auction house.(There is much more with this tab, but i think these are the essentials)

Buyout Macro:

/click BrowseBuyoutButton /click StaticPopup1Button1 (Use by clicking on the item you want and pressing macro)
Bid Macro:

/click BrowseBidButton /click StaticPopup1Button1 (Use by clicking the item you wish to bid on and pressing macro)
First Item Buyout/Bid Macro:

/click BrowseButton1 /click BrowseBuyoutButton /click StaticPopup1Button1 (Make sure what you want to buy is first and just press macro. You may also substitute the word Bid instead of Buyout if you wish to bid on the first item)
Skip Forward/Backwards faster:
/script BrowseNextPageButton:Enable() /click BrowseNextPageButton (Clicking this macro will go to the next auction page not needing for the next page button to un-grey out. Substitute Next with Page if you want to make it go in reverse)(Yes you can go into the negatives with this but it doesn't do anything)

Bid Tab:
This section will only talk about things you can do in the Bid section of the auction house. Idk if anyone uses this section but here's some macros if you do. (Pretty sure everything possible with this tab is here)

Re-Bidding Button:

/click BidBidButton (Click on the auction you wish you outbid the outbidder)
Make a new bid(Yes you can do that):
/script BidBidButton:Enable() /click BidBidButton (Click this once you already have the new amount you wish to type in, make sure you clicked on the right auction ^-^)(Bidding higher or equal to the buyout amount will buyout the auction)
Buyout Button:

/click BidBuyoutButton /click StaticPopup1Button1
Auctions Tab:
This section will only talk about things you can do in the Auctions section of the auction house. (Some more things possible with this tab, but these are the essentials)

Accidentally hit the create auction button?:

/click AuctionProcessFrameCancelButton (Pressing this will cancel the auction's that u are making so you won't lose the auction deposit fee{Done so many times and this saves my butt})
First Auction Cancel:

/click AuctionsButton1 /click AuctionsCancelAuctionButton /click StaticPopup1Button1 (Cancels your first auction with the click or press of this button. Switch the first "1" with any number to delete the one which you choose)
Cancel Any Specific Auction:

/click AuctionsCancelAuctionButton /click StaticPopup1Button1 (Click the auction you wish to cancel and click this macro)
Create Auction Button:

/clickAuctionsCreateAuctionButton (Click this to create the auction!)
This Works with any tab
Close Auction Frame:

/click AuctionsFrameCloseButton (Closes the auction frame)


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