Additional HPS/DPS for Druids

With the item [Poison Extraction Totem] from the quest [Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile] it's currently possible to increase the dps of balance druids and the hps of restoration druids. The quest is only available to horde characters.

The totem works like a Wild Mushroom except it has no GCD!
It can be exploded with the same spell as the normal shrooms.
Resto: When overhealing with rejuvenation it gains the buff and increases in size, will heal the stored amount when exploded.

Balance: When exploded it does damage and the aoe slow.

It is shown with a normal totem icon and will replace one shroom if there are already 3 active.

For the dps/hps increase you can simply macro the item to whatever spell you woud like.
Since it has no gcd it's always a dps/hps boost.

I have not found any use for shamans yet. You can relocate and destroy it like every other totem

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