Was linked to 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar video, saw a nice act worthy of posting.

People can hate on gaming communities all they want. When a WoW player needs help, someone's got their back. Always. Unless they're a ret paladin. Then you just laugh at them and say "Reroll holy or learn to faceroll, nub".

The same guy (Silverhustle) post this on MMO-Champion.
And also gets a response.
People can be nice sometimes. :)

Here's the transcript for the video gathered so far. It's not perfect but it's close. :)

0:25 - (Kor'kron wheels in the chest)
0:39 - Garrosh: Hmm, it thirsts... Bring it to the pools!
0:50 - (Kor'kron invade the temple)
0:59 - Taran Zhu: Enough! You have run rampant for far too long, Hellscream... But that stops. Now.
1:10 - Garrosh: laughs Step aside, Pandaren. You confront a force beyond reckoning.
1:19 - Taran Zhu: Your father dabbled in powers beyond reckoning... Where is he now?
1:29 - (Garrosh screams in rage and charges)
1:46 - (Taran Zhu blocks Garrosh's axe as he toss it out of Garrosh's hands and Garrosh knocks down Taran Zhu's face and falls towards the outer pool)
1:50 - (Taran Zhu falls slowly towards the pools and slowly touch the water surface with his feet and he bounce towards into the sky as he knocks down Garrosh.)
1:57 - Taran Zhu: I have fought beside the tauren, trolls and others! You are NOTHING like them!
2:05 - (Taran Zhu tries to strike Garrosh but misses and lands with a smash on the bridge getting his footy stuck between the planks)
2:08 - (Garrosh grabs Taran Zhu with the chain and Taran chokes)
2:09 - Garrosh: They are no longer part of MY Horde!
2:16 - (Garrosh pulls Taran Zhu towards him and impales him on the axe)
2:17 - Taran Zhu: coughs The world... will hear of this... They will come for you.
2:28 - Garrosh: Yes... I'm counting on it.

(Transitions to Raid Gameplay)

2:33 - Garrosh: The armies of the world WILL come for me. And within my fortress they will face all the terrible creatures I have wrought. The boundless power I have mastered. And one by one, they will fall at my feet. ANYONE who would rise against my NEW Horde will be impaled upon the spires of Orgrimmar!
3:08 - (Taran Zhu pants heavily as he knee down in pain by the pool's inner circle)
3:09 - Garrosh: You Pandaren try to bury your hate and your anger. But such power cannot be contained. It... must be UNLEASHED!
3:23 - (Garrosh swipe his axe towards the chest and break the lock as it opens and the darkness whirls around the Heart of Y'Shaarj)
3:29 - Taran Zhu: A time will come... when you will answer for your crimes.
3:37 - Garrosh: I answer... to NO ONE!
3:42 - (Garrosh knocks down the open-chest as the Heart of Y'Shaarj falls in the pool and Vale of Eternal Blossoms rumbles)
3:55 - Garrosh: All who challenge me will burn in the fires of my hatred...

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