Watch Bodies hit the floor ( both Horde and Alliance )

Items required : Scroll of Challenge - Item - World of Warcraft
Which u will use to Summon : Archiereus of Flame - NPC - World of Warcraft

Which will spawn several adds all over the terrace, Such as Molten Guardian's would have linked it but limited to my URL's ( check wowhead )

Which is the mob you wish to kite, I did this with a destro warlock and dotted him with curse of elements and occassionally turned around to hit him with incinerate. while staying out of his frontal attack. ( being a lock 2 shots im dead ) and would kite him to the celestial court as a raid was being started or. to the Mail box and repair nps and sit my VW there and watch him AoE everyone Horde and Alliance.

This is just a way to wipe a faction doing a raid on the 4 celestial's or you are really bored....

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