Best in slot enchants for low level hk farming and/or gaining honor before 90.

As of 5.4 all enchants can be used on any piece of gear. There are many more enchants to choose from and there's the fact that I have been frequently asked what my enchants are on my lowbies. So, I thought a guide like this might be useful.

There are many stats you can focus on, but I would not recommend anything other than the following:
  • - Stamina, particularly at lower levels.
  • - Haste, no higher than level 19. Past this point it is essentially not worth it.
  • - Intellect/spell power, Agi/AP, and Str/AP

Personally, haste over the other two until level 20 when leveling my toons. This guide consists of Stamina and Haste. Let me know if you need Int, Agi, and Str and I will put them together. Please keep in mind that all enchants are listed by their benefits as of level 1

Stamina. Best in slot enchants (under 60) include.

Haste. Best in slot enchants (under 60) include.

I have no exact numbers for totals on stat gains since I do not have access to WoW atm, I'm just bored at school. However, I know I have just about 2.3k health in bgs on my level 10 (14 in bgs) shaman (full boas excluding ring and Scroll of Stamina IX - Item - World of Warcraft). I also have 41% Haste in bgs when using my Haste set.

Thanks for reading and hope it helps.

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