Cenarion Circle Rep / Transmog Farm

Today while I was farming Ruins of Ahn'qiraj for the plate transmog set for my friend and Cenarion Circle rep for myself when I thought. " What if i were to kill all of these people standing around General Rajaxx and try find a way to reset this with out actually going outside of the instance and resetting it, Allowing me to do this as many times as I want".

So I killed everything but the boss and kited the boss around the instance where i got to a point where he teleported back to his position where he stands and everything respawned.

Step 1: Kill everything up to General Rajaxx, Including the first boss.

Step 2: Pull All of the Captains and their Warriors.

Step 3: Kill them all and Loot. The boss will then start running at you.

Step 4: With the boss chasing you, Run to the start of the instance and As the boss goes through the hole in the wall to get to you he will Teleport Back to where he began
Resulting in everything to respawn

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat until exalted

TLDR : Was farming Rep, Found bug at General Rajaxx, Allows u to get alot of Rep just read the steps

P.S .... CBF checking if been posted before and not sure if working as intended so will remove if needed.

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