How to get TLPD with Noodle Cart and CRZ Disable

I'm not going to explain how the Noodle Cart exploit works, there are other threads for this.

I'm here to teach you how to minimize wasted Noodle Cart AND the best spot to kill TLPD.

As you all know, TLPD/Vyragosa has 4 different path, each of the path being very different (sometimes they're up in the air, unreachable, sometime closer to the ground).

But where are the best positions to be if you want to reach them from your Noodle Cart ??

Here is what I know. We will use this map as a reference for colors.

Green : Vyragosa/TLPD is going anticlockwise, the path last 5 minutes 10 secondes, and the best spot to be is on the branch at 29,66.

Red: Vyragosa/TLPD is going anticlockwise, the path last 12 minutes 50 secondes, and the best spot to be is on the branch at 29,66

Purple : Vyragosa/TLPD is going anticlockwise, the path last 7 minutes 30 secondes, and the best spot to be is on the mountain at 40,65.

Blue: Vyragosa/TLPD is going clockwise, the path last 7 minutes 45 secondes, and the best spot to be is on the mountain at 31,69

You go to these location with a couple Noodle Cart. I find the best way to know wich location TLPD/Vyragosa is going to is from the Broodmother's Nest at 38,65. From there, your NPC Scan will go off, whatever the path they takes. Use the nest spot only to indicate you wich way they're going, do not use the timer your npc scan went off from the nest.

A noodle cart last exactly 3 minutes, these timers are meant to indicate you when it is SAFE to use the noodle cart, without wasting tons of them. For exemple, you couldn't properly kill her/him on the branch at green, and you were able to target her/him at 10:05:00 AM, you know you will able to target her/him again on 10:10:10.

With this method, I was able to go from 8-9 noodle cart before killing her to 1-2 noodle cart.

Lastly, the hardest thing is getting the right position to face her/him, because you only have 0.50 sec to dot/instant cast her/him.

Finally, I do not recommend looting Vyragosa, but if you want to practice, simply go next to where she died, use another Noodle Cart, target her, and exit vehicule while spaming your INTERACT WITH TARGET keybind (if you don't have one, create one. Makes life simpler).

This post might get edited sometimes, depending of info/feedback I get from you guys.

Happy Hunting !

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